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Marquel Lee: "I'm A Physical Player At The Line Of Scrimmage"


Q: What sense did you have during the pre-draft process that the Raiders were interested in you?

Lee:"Until the combine, I really didn't know about any interest the Raiders had in me. After I did the bench press at the combine, the coach came to me. We talked a little bit, rapped a little bit. Then after the combine up until this point, my agent has been telling me that the Raiders really liked me and were going to try to get me in the draft."

Q: How about your pro day?

Lee:"I can't remember if any Raider scouts were there, but I was just trying to show what I can do. I can move well in coverage. I have good footwork and all my talent."

Q: You didn't run at the combine, right?

Lee:"No, sir."

Q: Was that an injury thing?

Lee:"It was kind of an injury thing. It was mainly I got injured in January. I hurt my foot. My timeline to peak at the combine wasn't set. I was on schedule to peak at my pro day, so I ran at my pro day."

Q: When was your Pro Day?

Lee:"March 8, I think, or March 9. One of those two."

Q: What was your time on your 40-yard dash there?

Lee:"I think my fastest clock was 4.69, 4.7, something like that."

Q: Some linebackers are more sideline to sideline coverage type of guys. Would you probably say that although you'll do whatever is asked for you, you're more of a run fit, give you a lane and let you wreak havoc in it, type of physical guy?

Lee:"Yeah, I'm a physical player at the line of scrimmage. I shed blocks really well, so I feel like I can go sideline to sideline as well. Just being a motor type guy. My motor, I don't see it ever stopping in games. Just being put where I'm best seen fit. Anything I'm asked, I'll do to help contribute to the team. That's the type of person I am. You can ask anybody that's been around me for my whole life. I'm just trying to learn."

Q: Is there a spot where you feel most comfortable?

Lee:"I mean, I played Mike my whole college career. I would say I'd be most comfortable there. In the 4-2-5, it's a little different than other defenses. I feel like I can play at any spot."

Q: Are you aware of the big whole they have in the middle?

Lee:"Yeah, the general manager explained that to me and everything, and said he wanted me to come in and compete at that spot. That's what I plan to do."

Q: Are you aware of the big hole they have here in the middle of the defense?

Lee:"Yeah, the general manager explained that to me, and everything and he said he wanted me to come in and compete at that spot. That's what I plan to do."

**Q: How much did Wake Forrest utilize you in coverage and how comfortable are you?


Lee:"I mean, I felt like I was pretty good in coverage over my years. Just polishing up my attack on the ball and going after the ball, I think that's where I need to improve myself. In coverage, I mean zone dropping, I have good hips, I've shown that I can cover at the combine. I mean, I do any of the drills and stuff at the combine that translate to the field. I feel like I can cover anybody."

Q: Did McKenzie say he wants you to compete at the Mike spot?

Lee:"Not necessarily the Mike spot. He said just come in and compete at any of them. I mean, wherever I'm at or to be put, that's where I'll compete at."

Q: How much special teams have you played in your career?

Lee:"A lot. I mean not a lot, but a fair amount I would say. I mean, I played all four facets of special teams my freshman year, played three facets of special teams my sophomore year and then as my play time has risen, I've been asked to do less and less. But, I still play kickoffs some and I played on the punt team this year as well."

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