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Matt Flynn Chats with the Media

Q: Categorize and summarize the last week for you. 

Matt Flynn: First week, I think, went really well. We came in, at the beginning of the week, obviously, there's rust you've got to knock off, just seeing the defense here in the formations that we spent so much time going over. But I think, progressively each week, got a lot more comfortable, got a lot more better and timing is starting to come with all the receivers and getting lined up and everything like that. 

Q: I know you addressed this over the weekend, but this is your job to lose, is this the mentality you brought in to camp? And explain a little bit about that. 

Flynn: I think I said the mentality that I'm at and I go in there and try to be the best quarterback out there. I'm trying to be the best quarterback for this team and help this team win the best I can. I'm coming in here every day with my hard hat on, trying to prepare if I make a mistake one day and try not to let that happen again. Study it, try to understand why I did it [happen] and come out here and start executing. And we're still in that installation phase a little bit, but we're also at the time now that we need to start picking up our execution and stuff like that. 

Q: Is the mindset different than from when you were in Green Bay coming in as a backup there? Has your mindset changed? Or do you approach it the same? 

Flynn: Mindset's got to change a little bit. Obviously, completely different situation from when I was in Green Bay. But the mindset as a competitor, as a professional athlete, as a football player, the mindset always has to be to improve yourself, better yourself on the field, and that's kind of the approach I'm taking. Also approaching it as a quarterback of this team, making everyone else around me better and pushing them to not to have those down times at practice or, right in the dog days of training camp, not have those down practices because everyone's going to get tired, everybody's going to get mentally exhausted a little bit. We got to fight through that because, obviously, with new people on the team, new offense, we've got to progress faster than a lot of the other teams that have stuff in. 

Q: The tight end so often serves as a little safety net for a quarterback in a lot of offenses and 79 catches from this team went to another team last year, and a lot of guys that got a lot of experience with very really skilled sets. How interesting has it been watching the tight ends that you have here? And how do they sort of complement each other? 

Flynn: I agree with you. Each guy's got their own things that they do well. We've got some guys that can make some plays, and I'm sure you guys have seen it on the sidelines. We've got some guys that can get down the field and make some catches and got good hands. We've also got some guys that get nasty that get down there and do some pass protection and blocking. Whatever we need to do, we've got those guys too. So, I like what I've seen so far from the tight ends. 

Q: You've been around some pretty good receivers, especially in Green Bay. What are guys like [Rod] Streater and [Denarius] Moore got to get… 

Flynn: They're extremely talented and there's quite a few guys on this roster that are talented guys that a lot of people probably haven't heard their names before, but they're talented. They've been working their tail of to talk with me, talk with Terrelle [Pryor], and just get with us and try to learn the game more. Try to learn about the route concepts, what they have against this coverage and all that kind of stuff. But what I see from them, I'm really liking right now. They're running crisp routes, our timing with them is starting to come and it's getting better and better every day, and the more we work, the more we do things. So far, I like what I see because they're working their tail off. 

Q: Is it still kind of a feeling-out process, in terms of, who the go-to receivers are for you, who you feel more comfortable with? Will that develop over these couple weeks?

Flynn: That's something that will always be developed. I think we're starting to get a better feel for that now and we're starting to get a feel for what guys do best, what routes guys run better than others and what routes we like to throw and things like that. But that kind of stuff is going to progress with time. We're not going learn that the first week. We're probably not going to learn that the second week. We just have to keep going, get through the games, get further down in training camp and closer to the season.

Q: Do you have in mind that there's such a thing as a real go-to receiver? It seemed like when Aaron [Rodgers] was hot, the offense dictated who the receiver was, and when you've got good guys out there, it's almost like it doesn't matter.

Flynn: Yeah, I think if you've only got one guy to go to, you probably don't have a good all-around offense, and you're probably not going to be good on a week-to-week basis. I've had experience with offenses that there's no telling who the leading receiver's going to be for that week. You can name one of five guys, and that guy could be the one with 100 yards in a game or whatever it was. That's the kind of offense that I think we all want to have because that's going to be completely balanced and the defense can't tee-off or wind-up to cover just one guy or line up and stop the run, stop Darren [McFadden]. Whatever it is, they can't do it. So if we can spread the ball around, make guys have threats, work sideline to sideline, then it's really going to help us.

Q: How has the past three years' experience from Green Bay to Seattle, prepared you for this camp, for this team?Flynn: Couple years older. I learned a lot in Green Bay, obviously from four years I've progressed as a quarterback, I got better there. I owe a lot to the people in Green Bay, and I took away a lot of things from Seattle last year. And the thing I took away the most was that I want this even more now, more this year. I'm blessed to have another opportunity at this and try to take advantage of it and do as much as I can and not let it get away from me.

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