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Moore: "The atmosphere is going to be the atmosphere"


Q: Sio, going into this matchup, I think the biggest matchup is the linebackers trying to bring down Marshawn Lynch. What have you seen on film from a Pro Bowl guy like that?**

Moore:"Marshawn's a good running back. They have a good offensive line. They know how to get downhill. For us, we just have to be able to execute our plan, get vertical, and make sure we wrap tackle and bring it."

Q: What's it going to be like in Seattle? Describe that kind of atmosphere. Does it make it harder for a defense?

Moore:"For us, we have to go out there, and the atmosphere is going to be the atmosphere. If that's going to be what it is, then what we have to do, is do what we do out there and execute and play as one-entire defense, one-entire unit and then let that translate into the other units on the field and on the team. Play together and we'll see about the atmosphere then."

Q: Coach [Jason] Tarver said you guys have been working together as the weeks have gone on. What do you think about the defense coming together so far?

Moore:"We're starting to play more and more as one piece, as one unit. Everything's starting to move on a string and we just have to be able to close in on the opportunities, because now you can see the opportunities showing up left and right on the film. As long as we continue to put ourselves in a position to have good things happen, we have to close in on them now."

Q: There was a big improvement with getting off the field on third down, how do you feel you guys did last week in that aspect?

Moore:"It was an improvement, but to me, we still got the loss. There's more to improve on. I think we're 2-12, so you have to find a way to minimize your mistakes and have zero defects."

Q: You've been on the field quite a lot with Khalil [Mack] now. Can you talk about the chemistry you guys have?

Moore:"When we're out there, the biggest thing that he and I talk about is being a spark for the team and the defense. He and I, we talk about racing to the ball or racing to a play, to be the guy to set it off and make that play because we're capable of doing that. As long as we continue to do that and keep working together, we should be able to get some good things done together."

Q: He [Mack] has improved every week. Coming in, he was supposed to be known as the pass rusher, but he has done such a great job against the run. Is that something you've been seeing since spring?

Moore:"Yeah, he's put on every day. Playing the same position last year, I kind of know what he's going throw. I kind of see- I know it from the outside in now. Looking at him, you can tell the growth each and every week. The same one I had too, where it was learning how to rush, learning how to set the edges, how to get vertical, and he's doing that now and he's executing. He's powering these tight ends and tackles and he's doing a good job, and as long as we continue to do that and be able to be effective doing that, it's going to help out in the pass game and then obviously the run game."

Q: What's the key to containing Russell Wilson? Is this the biggest challenge you've gone against at quarterback this season?

Moore:"For us, it's just about executing, really executing on all-three phases, whether it be from the defensive line, to the linebackers as well as the secondary. As long as we execute and take away reads and close in on the quarterback and play top down and we're relentless, we'll be good."

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