Moore: "There has to be a will to win."

Rob Moore had a successful 12-year NFL career as a wide receiver. He spent five years with the New York Jets and seven years with the Arizona Cardinals, finishing his career in 1999 with 628 receptions for 9,368 yards and 49 touchdowns. He was named to two Pro Bowls and once earned first-team All Pro. In 1999, the wide receiver led the league in receiving yards per game with 99.0.

Coach Moore recently joined the NFL coaching ranks, serving as the wide receivers coach for the Buffalo Bills in 2014. Prior to 2014, he was the receivers coach at Syracuse University, his alma mater, for four years.

Coach Moore has always had a special connection with Al Davis because of Syracuse University. "I have a special affection for the Raiders, simply because Al Davis is a Syracuse grad," Coach Moore explained. "I can remember many, many times, coming to the Raiders stadium and seeing Mr. Davis on the sideline, and he would always say the same thing to me. 'Hey Rob, how would you like to be a Raider?' and this is going on while I'm actually in warm-ups. I remember that vividly, so because of that I'm happy to be here."

The long-time NFL receiver grew up watching the Raiders and arrives in Oakland with an understanding of the tradition and history. "Understanding what the tradition is and understanding the many, many great players they've had having played against some of those great players and to now be here in the role of a coach, it's awesome," said Coach Moore. "It's awesome to be a part of this whole rebuilding process, if you will, and being a part of what is to come. I really believe we have the people in place to really get this thing turned around."

The Raiders 2015 coaching staff has a combined 102 playing years in the NFL. Check out these photos of the staff during their playing days.

Coach Moore brings extensive knowledge of what it means to be a player at the highest level as well as understanding the important qualities of a wide receiver. "Got to be competitive, have to be extremely competitive and part of that competitiveness comes from loving the game," said Coach Moore when explaining a receiver's most important quality. "When you love the game, you will only play a certain way. If you love the game, there are certain things you won't put on film. But if you're just in the game for other reasons, it's easy to quit. It's easy to not quite do your best or not leave it all out on the field. This is a gritty game and you have to have grit to play this game.

There has to be a burning desire in you to win. There has to be a will to win. Then the second thing you have to have is the will to prepare to win. If you're one of those guys who hates to lose, you're going to do whatever it is, whatever's necessary to get better and to correct those things that maybe you're not quite as good at. A football player is someone that really understands what it takes to win, and do those things when they get on the field."

Coach Moore is excited to get to work and continue his NFL coaching journey. "I really have a passion for it. I did a lot of different things when I retired. I did TV and radio. I was a stay-at-home dad for a little while, tried to put some deposits in the bank, because I knew ultimately this is what I wanted to do," he explained. "But, at the end of the day, I think one of the advantages I have, is number one, I played the game. I understand what the players see. I can convey that in a language they understand and I can communicate in a manner in which they can relate and they can respond to."

Like many of the other coaches on the Raiders staff, Coach Moore coaches by teaching. "I'm a teacher. I'm not much of a yeller or screamer," he said. "If you see me yelling and screaming, I probably had enough. I'm more of a teacher. I try to meet the guys halfway, try to get to know their personalities and I'll coach them from there."

Coach Moore is ready to get the players into the building and get to work. "We're going to be working extremely hard to get the culture of what the Oakland Raider football used to be back and win some football games," he said.

Ultimately, the Raiders new wide receivers coach wants to bring the winning culture back for Raider Nation. "I know it's all about loyalty with Raider Nation. When you have people that have been in Raider Nation for 50 years, when you have that kind of following and that kind of support, it's gratifying."

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