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Murray: "I know what I'm capable of"


Q: You have one more test to go through; is that today?**

Murray:"I'm not sure yet. I'm just going to wait to see what the trainers say. I'm just really, pretty much going off of what they want to do and just wait it out."

Q: If it was up to you, would you play Sunday?

Murray:"Of course I want to play, but again, I have to follow protocol and just wait and see what happens."

Q: You were walking through the locker room after the game; you seemed fine, you seemed like you were in good spirits. Did you have any kind of lingering effects from it?

Murray:"No, not really. I felt fine. I'm feeling better each day as we go along. Again, with these kinds of things, you just have to take it one day at a time and you just have to follow the right procedures, so I'm just making sure I'm doing that and listening to what the trainers have me doing."


Q: You spent the whole year behind the two guys ahead of you, and now all of a sudden everyone is calling for you to get the ball, you be the guy. How has that been for you?**

Murray:"It's a great feeling for people to want to see you out there and obviously, I've always wanted to be out there playing and be able to get the ball in my hands. It feels good. I've always said that as long as I'm ready to go when my number is called. I need to continue to do that, need to continue to get better on the field when I'm out there. I think I still have room for improvement. Again, the ball was on the ground out there, so I have to clean that up. I think I just have to continue to get better and when I'm up just be ready to go."

Q: James [Jones] joked after the game and said, 'I didn't know he had that in him. I didn't know he was that fast either.' Did you surprise yourself?

Murray:"No, not at all. Not at all. I know what I'm capable of. I know the speed I have. I think I might confuse a lot of people, just me being so tall and they might not know I have that kind of speed. I think Charles [Woodson], he said the same thing to me. He didn't know I was that fast, but again, I know what I'm capable of and it was definitely nice to pull a big one off like that."

Q: Because the run game had so much success with you involved, how important is it for you guys to basically pick up where you left off?

Murray:"I think it's very important. I think that, again, the running game goes hand in hand with the passing. I think we have to continue to go out there each week, regardless of who's in, and we go out there and practice that way. I know MJD [Maurice Jones-Drew] and D-Mac [Darren McFadden], all of us, we go out there and run with those intentions to pull off big games like that."


Q: Have you heard from a ton of people from your past; high school teammates, college coaches, all that?**

Murray:"Yeah, definitely got a lot love from friends, family, people I haven't talked to in a long time. It's all good. I definitely appreciate the support, and again, I just want to make sure I go back out there and not let that just be one time or let that be what defines me, and just continue to get back to work when I get back on the field."

Q: Was any small part of it like, 'man, I'm off to this huge day and all of a sudden it's just over?'

Murray:"Oh it definitely killed me. It killed me. I wanted to be back out there. It set me back, and that's just the competitiveness in me, wanting to be on the field regardless, but again, when they want me back out there, I'll be back out there."

Q: Did you ever start to get impatient, just because the ground game was sort of struggling?

Murray:"Never impatient. The thing about it is, you have to be patient, especially at this level. I'm sure everybody in the locker room or just not even this team, there are guys around the league that want to play that aren't.  Again, that's just the competitiveness in me, to want to be on the field, to want to play. I'm just waiting out my time, waiting out my chance, and again always making sure I'm ready regardless of whenever that is that I am ready."

Q: A lot of people are scratching their heads like, 'why did it take so long for them to give Murray a shot?'

Murray:"Like I said, as long as I'm ready when my number is called, that's all that matters. I leave that up to them to wonder why and I'll just do my thing when I get in."

Q: What did you see on the 90-yard run? Did you see the guys that blocked for you? Did the whole thing develop in front of your eyes?

Murray:"Yeah. It was a counter play and [Mychal] Rivera had got a nice, little block on his guy inside and I saw that backside cut and just hit it, and just took off and didn't look back until I crossed that goal line."

Q: What about the support of your teammates, guys like D-Mac and MJD in that running backs room?

Murray:"A lot of support. Again, like I said, we go out there and we work every day. We're in the same meeting rooms and we go out there in individuals, we're all working hard. I know the amount of work that they're putting in, and it's nothing taken from them. We all go out there and we run and we play with the attitude of putting together a run game like we had the other night, and I'm going to continue to learn from those guys, continue to take what I can from them to get better so I can get better."

Q: Was the first touchdown designed to go where it went, or did you bounce it outside?

Murray:"No, It was a power, so it was designed to go inside. It kind of got a little cloudy in there, but I just bounced it, trusted my feet and made sure I crossed that goal line if I did take it out there.

Q: Do you think D-Mac and MJD are happy for you? Have they talked to you about that?

Murray:"Yeah, without a doubt they're happy for me, just like I am when they go out there and make big plays. We're a running back corps. We're a group, and in a sense, we are one. We know that if we put together a run game like we can, we definitely can help this team out."

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