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NFL Approves Rule Change for Extra Point

The NFL Owners voted 30-2 Tuesday at the owners' meetings in San Francisco to approve a rule change regarding the extra point in 2015.

Prior to the change, the extra point was taken from the 2-yard line, but is now being pushed back to the 15-yard line in 2015.

Last year, two-point conversions were also taken from the 2-yard line, and will remain so going forward.

However, in accordance with the change, defenses can now return a two-point conversion attempt for two points themselves – something that wasn't allowed in years past.

With the changes to the rule, PATs will go from approximately a 20-yard attempt to a 33-yard attempt going forward.

An exclusive look at the 17-year long record breaking career of one of the greatest players to ever wear the Silver and Black, Sebastian Janikowski.

According to ESPN NFL reporter Field Yates, NFL teams went 162-171 (94.7%) on field goals between 30-35 yards in 2014.

For context, Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski is 151-158 (95.6%) on field goal attempts from 33 yards and closer during his career, and went 3-3 (100%) from that range in 2014.

He is also 11-12 (91.7%) during his career from exactly 33 yards out.

*The Raiders and Redskins were the two teams to vote against the proposed rule change.

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