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My Cause My Cleats: The Raiders' stories behind their shoes

This Sunday, the Raiders will participate in the league-wide My Cause My Cleats initiative, where players will sport uniquely designed cleats that feature organizations and nonprofits they want to bring awareness to.

Below are some of the Silver and Black players' stories of why they chose their cause.

**S Roderic Teamer**

Project Purple Butterfly

S Roderic Teamer, Project Purple Butterfly: "I have an older sister, she's a year older than me. She's epileptic. Ever since we found out when she was in middle school, she's been doing everything she can to help with research and donating money. She started a foundation called Project Purple Butterfly. I've always been passionate about epilepsy, as well as my sister. ... She's going to be excited to see these for sure."

**RB Brandon Bolden**

American Cancer Society

RB Brandon Bolden, American Cancer Society: "Being a cancer survivor myself, I felt it was important to show everybody that it's not a death sentence anymore. To go out there and be able to play in these shoes and let them know that they have NFL players on their side, I'm just doing my part."

**P AJ Cole**

The Kenya Project

P AJ Cole, The Kenya Project: "It's an organization I've done every year for the My Cause My Cleats. They have a school, they provide housing for kids, they provide the books and education and food for a lot of kids. They have about 100 kids there. I went over there every year for college spring break. I haven't been able to go back over since I've been in the NFL, but it's an organization near and dear to my heart."

**LB Luke Masterson**

Captains for Clean Water

LB Luke Masterson, Captains for Clean Water: "Growing up in southwest Florida, it's an organization that's done a tone of work for water quality and conservation for where I'm from. I was a big fisherman growing up. Love this organization, everything they stand for. Big fan. Looking forward to supporting them a lot more."

**WR Mack Hollins**

Thumbs Up Mission

WR Mack Hollins, Thumbs Up Mission: "My roommate in college, his brother passed away from brain cancer. ... His name is Keaton Coker. He wasn't able to verbally communicate as well. So whenever they would say, 'Hey Keaton, are you doing alright?' He'd give a thumbs up. The passion that he played with and the fight and the joy that he was able to pull out of football, they wanted to continue that on [with] the Thumbs Up Mission. ... I've been a part of Thumbs Up since its creation and I'll continue to be."

**CB Amik Robertson**

American Cancer Society

RB Amik Robertson, American Cancer Society: "I lost my great-grandmother to cancer. I know a lot of people go through that, losses with family members, kids, adults. I just want them to know that I'll be with them. We'll support them and they're always in our prayers. It's always a great feeling to be able to be in this position and be able to support them on the biggest stage."

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The Silver and Black unboxed their custom cleats for the NFL's My Cause My Cleats campaign ahead of their Week 13 matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers.

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