Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy: "They play defense the way you're supposed to"


Q: What enables Charles Woodson to be able to play at this age?

Coach McCarthy:"He's obviously a great player. I would definitely, in my opinion, categorize him as a generational player. You look at what he's done on the defensive side of the ball, there's really not a position, outside of defensive line, he hasn't played at a high level. It's impressive to see him just continue to play at such a high level, so a great player." 

Q: Are you surprised he's still able to do it at this age?

Coach McCarthy:"Am I surprised? No. Nothing Charles does surprises me. I think he's one of those individuals that he's successful at pretty much anything he gets involved in. He's obviously gifted, very much physically, but his competitive nature, his intelligence for the game and life alone has always been really impressive to me. A very unique man."

Q: Khalil Mack had a good year up until last week and then really went off on Sunday. What have you seen out of him and what were your impressions watching the film?

Coach McCarthy:"He's an impact player. I think you have to state the obvious and you don't really have to go much further than the Denver game to realize that. Having played Oakland in the preseason here last year, I thought he was definitely a young player that just jumped out at you. It's no surprise that he's having the success that he's having. He has all the tools and has a great motor. He's just an excellent, young football player."


Photos from the Raiders VS Packers all-time series.

Q: What do you see when you watch Derek Carr in his second year? **

Coach McCarthy:"I really like Derek Carr. I think he's playing well. I liked him coming out. Frankly, just watching the Fresno tape three years ago is really where I was first exposed to Davante Adams. We were evaluating Derek and he was throwing the ball all over the place, crazy production, and this one guy kept jumping up and catching the ball. Good, good young quarterback. He's going to be a challenge for us. "

Q: Do you see that the Raiders defense has grown? Where do you think they've improved?

Coach McCarthy:"They were physical. They line up and challenge us. That's the way you want to play defense. They play defense the way you're supposed to. That's definitely going into [Head Coach] Jack [Del Rio]'s background. He's always been an excellent defensive coach and his teams have always played great defense, so this is no surprise, what he's doing with that defense."

Q: What has been the key to you running the ball so well recently?

Coach McCarthy:"I think anytime you have success in the run game, the first thing that's needed is the attempts, so just the ability to convert first downs and keep running it and get into a groove and get the touches to your backs, and let the run blocking get into what the defense is trying to do to them and make the adjustments. And hopefully you're proactive and you're one step ahead of those guys. We played our best football this past week."


Q: Last year, James Jones compared Derek Carr to Aaron Rodgers. Do you see any similarities between the two? **

Coach McCarthy:"I can see why he says that. He plays with great confidence and he can make any throw to any quadrant of the field. I think that's definitely what you see in Derek. He has moxie, just the way he runs around. He's also very smart with the football. He doesn't take sacks. I could see why James would make that statement."

Q: Would you say Rodgers has overcome adversity this year? How would you characterize his season?

Coach McCarthy:"Aaron is having a good season. We're 9-4. We've lost some close games. Some production has been high and some not as high as we'd like it, but there's still a lot of football left to be played."

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