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Q&A: Brittain Brown on his journey from Duke to UCLA, how he got his name and his personal Waffle House order

Monday afternoon in his metro Atlanta home, Brittain Brown was still digesting the fact his NFL dream has come true.

The running back has split time at two schools totaling over 2,200 rushing yards and 21 touchdowns. The Canton, Georgia, native put himself on the Raiders' radar after two successful seasons at UCLA along with his performance at the Raiders' Pro Day inside Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center.

Brown met with via Zoom to learn a little more about him and his journey to the Raiders.

Levi Edwards: What was the inspiration behind your name Brittain?

Brittain Brown: How my name came into play is my parents met someone who had a similar name to mine, and my mom loves unique names. I have an older brother and two younger and we all have unique names.

LE: I've also read you father was an army ranger, is that correct?

BB: Yes he was. He played football at West Point and served after that.

LE: Speaking of family ties, is it true you're related to Heisman winner Herschel Walker?

BB: He married into our family. He's my cousin by marriage.

LE: Have you had many interactions with him?

BB: I had one, he was at our family reunion down in Savannah, Georgia.

LE: What was your experience like at Duke University the four years you were there?

BB: I tell people all the time it's a great school. Just the school life itself, I would definitely go back and do it all over again. I think people get the wrong idea about Duke sometimes, but it's a school filled with great people and there's always stuff to do, even though it's in the small town of Durham. They took care of us while we were over there and the education is unmatched. All the resources they had for us while we were trying to deal with football and academics at the same time – I think was probably one of the best places in the country for that. Durham probably has all of the best food in North Carolina too.

LE: What made you decide to move across the country to Los Angeles to play for UCLA after being a Blue Devil?

BB: After four years of being at Duke, I had an injury that was subsisting for two years from 2018-19. I just decided it was time to move on and graduated. I wanted to do my fifth year somewhere else and Chip Kelly came calling. They run the ball about 70 percent of the time if you watch their games on the West Coast. They always run the rock so I said, 'Why not go to UCLA and get more exposure?' For my dream to play in the league, it was the best place for me to go.

LE: Having now lived on the East Coast and the West Coast, what late-night move is better: In-N-Out or Waffle House?

BB: I'm taking Waffle House, 10/10. 15/10. I don't know why people hype up In-N-Out so much, it's sub-standard. To everyone on the East Coast, it's not what you think it is. I'm going with Waffle House.

LE: So what's your Waffle House order?

BB: All-Star breakfast, it comes with everything. It comes with waffles, eggs, sausage, bacon, toast – everything you need right there.

LE: Lastly, what traits do you believe the Las Vegas Raiders saw in you that led to you being drafted?

BB: I think they selected me based off my film. They believe I'm similar to the running backs they like to have on their team. That, and I went to the Raiders' Pro Day and talked to [running backs] Coach Kennedy Polamalu. He liked how I came off toward him and I've been working hard, so when I got to the Pro Day, I was ready to rock. I feel like I showed them the best of my abilities while I was there.

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