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Q&A with Chekwa


Q: What clues did you have that you might end up in Oakland? Have you heard about them being interested in you?

Chimdi Chekwa: Not really, I knew they were interested in picking corners. But I did not know if it was specifically me or whoever. I am just happy to be a part of The Raiders. I was just waiting by the phone and got that phone call. I am glad that they welcomed me to the Raiders organization.

Q: How do you see yourself as a corner, do you see yourself as more playing on the boundaries or you see yourself playing the slot? 

Chimdi Chekwa: Wherever they want me to be, I think I can do. I did both in college. I think I will be ready to do whatever they ask me to do when I get there.

Q: What has been your contact with the Raiders leading up to the draft? Did you talk to them at the combine?  Did they visit you at school? Did you have a visit here?

Chimdi Chekwa: I spoke with them at the Combine. I met with them. They have had contact with my agent and such. But, no I did not go out there and meet. I did not workout for them. They picked me in the fourth round. I am happy about it.

Q: What are some of the things you think that you have to work on?

Chimdi Chekwa: Nothing in particular, I think that I need to continue to get better. Continue to work on what the Raiders like to do and get ready to play for their organization. I am going to keep training and get better and ready to go once the lockout ends and go up there.

Q: They obviously play a lot of man to man and leave their corners out on an island. Is that something you like doing?

Chimdi Chekwa: Yeah, that is definitely something I enjoy doing. I am a corner and that is what I do. I play man, I play zone, whatever they ask of me. I will do.

Q: How much man did you play at Ohio State?

Chimdi Chekwa: We play a lot of man, we play zone coverages, we play man, we mix it up. We play some zone where we have one corner playing man and the rest of team will be playing zone. We do a lot of different things up at Ohio State and we play a lot of man.

Q: Do you have thoughts on being able to be mentored by someone like Rod Woodson as your position coach?

Chimdi Chekwa: It's a great opportunity. When I met with the Raiders at the Combine I also met with him and it'll be a great opportunity. I think he'll really do a good job helping me grow as a corner and I'm excited about it.

Q: With your speed and being a guy that's in a position of need for the Raiders in that they like to always draft fast guys, was this in the back of your mind the whole time that 'hey these guys could be looking for me'?

Chimdi Chekwa: No. You know, so much…so many things run through your mind during the draft so I'm just excited that they saw me and grabbed me with pick113 and I'm happy to be a part of this organization.

Q: I don't know how closely you follow the Pro game, but are you very familiar with Nnamdi Asomugha and what do you think about the idea that you might be part of the solution to replacing him here if he moves on?

Chimdi Chekwa: I'm not getting ahead of myself right now. Really at this point I'm just trying to go up there, compete for a position, continue to get better, continue to work on my craft and be ready to play once I go up there and once it's time for me to play in the NFL.

Q: What's your understanding now of how much contact you can have with the Raiders with this lockout thing in effect?

Chimdi Chekwa: It's very limited. You know at this point I'm going to go back and train, try to get better and then once the lockout ends then, you know, I'll be ready for OTAs and training camp.

Q: Where are you going to train?

Chimdi Chekwa: I'll be training up at Columbus, Ohio at my school with the rest of the guys who are entering the draft.

Q: Is your wrist back to 100% now?

Chimdi Chekwa: It's not 100%, no. I think it'll be clear in about a couple weeks, but I'm continuing doing rehab. I can catch the football and I can do everything but play full contact football right now. I'll probably be cleared in a couple weeks and, you know, I'm excited about it.

Q: How do you pronounce your last name?

Chimdi Chekwa: Check-wah.

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