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Quick Hits: Derek Carr Breaks Down Sunday's Win With J.T. The Brick


Quarterback Derek Carr

The Oakland Raiders have won six games in a row and are making a habit of pulling off dramatic comeback wins. Sunday afternoon, the Silver and Black were led by quarterback Derek Carr to their sixth fourth quarter game-winning drive of the season.

The Raiders signal-caller finished the afternoon with 260 yards passing, two touchdowns, and a passer rating of 97.3. Monday morning, Carr chimed in on air with 95.7 The Game's J.T. the Brick for their weekly recap of the game.

He touched on a variety of topics, referencing Raider Nation's devout support and how the team was able to come away with the 38-24 victory.

Here are the quick hits from his time on air:

**No. 4 discussed the team's approach and how it was aware tempo would play an important role.


"We definitely knew that going into the game the tempo was something we really liked, something we wanted to use and establish in the game at some point, we just didn't know when. I think coach [Bill] Musgrave did a great job of relaying to me in the headset to push the tempo on them, to get after them, and go after them. Obviously we were able to do that, we were able to keep them on their heels."

Carr shared that the team was forcing mistakes on itself, but knew it could make the adjustments.

"In the first half, we obviously had nine points, but we felt that we easily could've had 17 or 21 points. That's just the way the game was going for us, we were making mistakes, we weren't clicking like we usually do, we had too many penalties. We still believed and knew we could move the ball, we were moving the ball, we were just settling for field goals. We just knew it would be big to finish with touchdowns, our mindset was the same we just knew that, 'hey if we get down there we've got to punch it in.'"

He talked about the crowd noise and Raider Nation staying engaged in the game.

"It completely flipped, when the crowd is behind us and the crowd is rocking, it makes it extremely difficult for opposing offenses. It puts a little pressure on the defense too because if we hit a big play or get a big run our crowd goes crazy, that's stressful as well. I thought our crowd was amazing, it was never dead silent, but you could there was a sense of urgency, so they were just waiting and expecting something good to happen."

Carr praised the Raiders defense for standing pat and not allowing the Bills to increase their lead.

"They deserve all the credit, obviously we have to score some points and help them out, but they didn't let them score. They gave us a fighting chance, they're the ones that put us in position to go get a win. They deserve all the credit, for as much credit as our offense gets and as much blame as some people try and put on our defense, they won the game for us yesterday."

The Raiders gunslinger acknowledged all the MVP attention, but is focused on doing what's best to help the team win.

"We have a long way to go obviously, we all know that, we still have a quarter of the season to play. I'm very honored, very thankful for where we're at, and it just shows that our team is winning. I'm okay with people talking about it, I'm okay with people wanting to throw a vote or two this way because they're talking about the Raiders. That's why Khalil and I put our heads together with our rookie class and said, 'let's change the culture.'"

He touched on the recent fire in Oakland and expressed his support for those suffering, also stating this is a time for the city to come together.

"There's no words that we could ever use or say that's truly going to make somebody feel better, or bring somebody back. I would just love for the city of Oakland to come together, man, and just show these families love. We've all probably been where we've lost somebody and know the pain that it feels like. I just pray that the city of Oakland comes together and serves them, and loves them the way I know that we can, the way that our city can."

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