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Quick Hits: Raiders Quarterback Matt McGloin Discusses Facing The Denver Broncos


Quarterback Matt McGloin

The Oakland Raiders will have a different quarterback under center this Sunday when they play the Denver Broncos, and you better believe he's ready for the opportunity. Penn State-product Matt McGloin will be stepping in to lead the Raiders offense for the foreseeable future and he shared his thoughts Wednesday afternoon about the position he's in.

Here are the quick hits from his media session:

**McGloin reflected on how he's grown in the past four seasons and how he's been able to develop.


"You know, the past four seasons, just kind of been able to sit back and obviously I started a little bit as a rookie, got some great playing experience there. Then, the past few years just kind of see how Derek [Carr] has prepared for games. Obviously learning from [former offensive coordinator] Greg Olson and [former quarterbacks coach] John DeFilippo and now learning from [offensive coordinator] Bill Musgrave and [quarterbacks coach] Todd Downing, you kind of get a lot of knowledge here, especially at the quarterback position. So, I think my knowledge of the game has definitely improved."

The Raiders signal-caller discussed why he's been labeled as a player with a chip on his shoulder.

"I've obviously gotten that question a lot throughout my career, playing with a chip on your shoulder and things like that. I don't necessarily think I play that way. I mean, I really enjoy playing the game. I really enjoy competition, I enjoy being out there with the guys and playing the game and doing well and winning."

He shared his thoughts on the upcoming battle with the Broncos and how he's coping with the pressure.

"Well, there's always pressure when you play this game. You talk about proving yourself week in and week out and things like that. You're constantly trying to prove yourself. This is a performance-based business and if you're not playing well and you're not winning and you're not doing well, then you're not going to be a starter very long, especially at the quarterback position. So, that's what we're doing now. We understand what's at stake come Sunday and we're preparing for that."

**McGloin broke down the differences in the team between his rookie season and the current roster.


We were in position to win games. Unfortunately we couldn't put it all together at certain points of the game to win. Now, with this group of guys, we obviously have some good guys, some good Pro Bowl players, you know? It's exciting, we got obviously Rodney [Hudson], Donald [Penn], [Kelechi Osemele] K.O. and Gabe [Jackson] and Menelik [Watson] and Austin [Howard]. Just a real, real solid group of guys, good players. I really look forward to this week of practice with them and look forward to playing with them on Sunday."

He elaborated on how he's approaching the game and if he's taking time after practice to continue working.

"Definitely, definitely. You know, I feel like mentally, my approach has always been well. But, I think just physically we need to get a little more reps here and there, get our timing down with one another. But, those guys are onboard, they've been great so far, reaching out to me and coming up to me and just saying, 'Hey, we're here. Let's get some extra reps.' Things like that."

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