Raiders' Billboard Campaign




The Oakland Raiders are celebrating the organization's 50th season of professional football in 2009 and this season's billboard campaign pays tribute to Raiders tradition, featuring definitive plays that span the team's history in a groundbreaking way.

The billboards feature striking images, as well as exclusive phone numbers that connect callers to the radio broadcast of the play that is featured on the billboard.

"These unique billboards, which celebrate our rich tradition, allow individuals to revisit with wonderful moments in Raider history," said Chief Executive Amy Trask.

One billboard features an image of Bo Jackson's 91-yd Touchdown run during the Raiders' Monday Night Football game against the Seattle Seahawks in 1987. On the billboard, the number 1.877.419.5050 is displayed. Fans can call this number and have the opportunity to hear the actual radio call made by Bill King during this historic moment.

Three other plays are featured on billboards throughout the greater Bay Area market, including the Holy Roller finish against San Diego in 1978, Jim Plunkett's 99-yard touchdown pass to Cliff Branch in 1983 and Tyrone Wheatley's unstoppable run in 2000.

In addition to the billboard campaign, the Raiders television, radio, and online advertising elements will celebrate the Raiders tradition and history and provide a platform for the 2009 season - the 50th season of Raiders football.


    * The Holy Roller: 877.482.5050
    * Cliff Branch Touchdown: 877.964.5050
    * Bo Jackson Touchdown: 877.419.5050
    * Tyrone Wheatley Run: 877.934.5050

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