Presented by Mailbag: What we learned at the Combine, talking a little NFL Draft history

Raider Nation, we've traded in the snow and cold of Indianapolis, for the cold and dreary weather of the Bay Area, but hey, such is life.

After a great week in Indy for the Combine, we're happy to be home, and our time spent in Indiana was immensely productive, but with free agency just over a week away, we have a bunch of things to get to, and you had a ton of questions as well.

Onto the Mailbag.

EP: This question – or some version of this question – was one that we saw frequently this week, and while we won't fully have an answer to this query until April 25, we do know that the Raiders are open for business.

Both Head Coach Jon Gruden and General Manager Mike Mayock have said that they're willing to listen to what teams are offering – and with three first-round picks that's not too surprising – but how those conversations progress over the next few weeks will really be the thing to keep an eye on.

The type of draft capital that the Silver and Black have this year is seldom seen in the NFL, and because of that, the first round really is their playground. Could they move up if they fall in love with a guy? Sure. Could they drop back if they want to maximize their value? Absolutely. Standing pat? Also an option.

My point is the options are myriad, and if Mayock and Gruden get an offer they like, I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Raiders ended up picking in a different slot.

EP: I'm pretty sure we answered a similar question in our last edition of the Mailbag, but hey, let's feed the people, right?

Over the past few months, the groundswell for more Chris Warren III has begun to crescendo, and when asked about the former Texas Longhorn at the Combine last week, Mike Mayock said that he was excited to see what the powerful running back is able to do this summer.

I know that the preseason is an entirely different beast than the regular season, but we all remember what CWIII did last year, and just how exciting it was to watch him pound the rock. With Marshawn Lynch and Doug Martin scheduled to hit free agency, the Raiders don't really have a true "power back" on the roster if they don't return, so keep an eye on Warren.

We know that Mike Mayock will be.

EP: Mr. Rich, I don't think it's fair to say that the offense is a wreck; let's not forget that the Raiders started two rookie tackles, and it seemed like Derek Carr had two new receivers to throw to each week in 2018, but I get your point.

Over the first portion of the season, the offense really did struggle to find any type of cohesion and flow week to week, and going forward, that simply has to be better.

That said, your point is very well taken about this offense needing to add more playmakers. In the 2019 version of the NFL, you have to put up points, and while you don't necessarily need to put up 35 points week in and week out, you need have the ability to put up those kinds of points.

Would a stud receiver – namely one who seems to want out of his current situation in Pittsburgh – go a long way in helping take this offense to the next level? Absolutely. I don't think there's anyone who would argue that, but for me, the Antonio Brown situation will always come back to value.

Would I ship off the No. 4 pick to Pittsburgh for AB? Nope. But would I think about sending No. 27 over for the future Hall of Famer? I think I would.

We know that Coach Gruden is a big fan of Brown's work, and I guess we'll find out just how big of a fan in the coming weeks.

A look at the fourth day of workouts at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine featuring defensive backs.

*Once again, our final question of the Mailbag comes from our digital guru, Dave. This is becoming kind of a regular occurrence, so maybe we'll just save the final spot for him going forward.

From Dave G: What's the most the Raiders have ever selected in the first round?

EP: Another great question, my dear friend.

The most picks the Raiders have had in the first round is three, both this year, and in 1988.

Those three picks resulted in Tim Brown (No. 6), Terry McDaniel (No. 9) and Scott Davis (No. 25), not a bad haul at all, hopefully the Silver and Black can replicate that success next month.

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