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Raiders Ready for Draft Day 2


On day two of the 2011 NFL Draft, teams will be making their second- and third-round selections. The Oakland Raiders are primed to make their first selection of the Draft at number 16 (48th overall). They did not have a pick in the first round due to the trade with the New England Patriots for defensive end Richard Seymour in September of 2009. The team considered trading up to acquire a first- round pick if a favorable opportunity had presented itself.

"There were a lot of opportunities but nothing that really fit for us in exactly what we wanted to accomplish. Obviously the player has to be there when you want to trade with somebody and there were several phone calls made but it just didn't fit for us at this time," explained Raiders Head Coach Hue Jackson in his press conference at the conclusion of the first round.

Coach Jackson also described how the day unfolded as he had expected. It was chaotic but this did not surprise him. "There were all kinds of stuff flying around today," stated Coach Jackson. "[But] truth be told, I think this draft kind of went about like I think I told you the other day. It was heavy with the defensive line,…the offensive line…There was one running back drafted,…three receivers, there was more of a run on quarterbacks as I told you guys there would be. So obviously I don't think that there were any surprises."

There was only one major trade on day one, which involved the Cleveland Browns trading their number six overall pick to the Atlanta Falcons for their 27th overall selection, second- and fourth-round picks in 2011 and first-round pick in 2012. It signified a move aimed at building for the future for the Browns, while the Falcons may have immediately struck it big with the University of Alabama's star wide out, Julio Jones.

While the Raiders made no such trade to attain a first-round pick, the Head Coach recognized the high quality of the remaining players available to the team in the second round. He also noted that while the organization didn't technically have a first-round selection, it acquired a proven veteran as a result of that would-be pick.

"There is no doubt that I do [feel good about the players that are still left]," said Coach Jackson. "We already have our first round draft pick, I told you guys that the other day. His name is Richard Seymour and I am very excited about him being back here so we have our number one now it is time to get our number two."

While not mentioning the Raiders specific position-based needs, he did describe the type of player sought after by the Silver and Black. "We want great guys that have great character, integrity, discipline, and desire to be Raiders," said Jackson.

Coach Jackson is confident that the Raiders will find the right player and make a successful second-round selection.

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