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Raiders vs. Broncos Quote Sheet


RB Michael Bush scores an 11-yard TD catch and run. Photo by Tony Gonzales

Head Coach Hue Jackson

Obviously, I'm very disappointed. Disappointment is probably an understatement for the way I feel. To be up 17-7 at halftime and not get them stopped on defense and not score enough points on offense and turn the ball over and all the penalties, it's disappointing. So, again, we have a short week and can't wallow about it. Everybody else in the division lost other than Denver; they beat us so it's a jam-packed division. We head to San Diego and it's going to be a big game.

QB Carson Palmer

There are still some things that I'm a little bit off on, a little bit rusty on. There are still some things that I'm just not quite comfortable with, but that's what I expected. I didn't expect to come in this week and just feel 100 percent and ready to rock and roll with everything. I'm kind of par for the course with where I am in this offense and in this system. But, at the end of the day you either win or you lose; you play well enough to put your team in a position to win or you don't, and I didn't. I don't think I'm going to be, obviously, where I would be if I was here for training camp. It's an abbreviated season, kind of a crash course the last couple weeks; it's kind of like you're cramming for a final or a test.  But I've just got to continue to work, continue to study, continue to have it down and learn from every opportunity I get. It's week three; I'm comfortable with a handful of things and Coach Jackson does a good job of trying to put me in position to run things that I'm most comfortable with.  But I've just got to keep grinding, keep working, keep studying and absorb as much as I can as quickly as I can.

WR Jacoby Ford

Chemistry-wise I think we did really well with the things we worked on during the bye. He knew where he wanted the ball to be and I knew where I needed to be to make the completions.

WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh

The game was disappointing, the outcome. [It was] a learning experience for everybody. We had a team that we should have beat but they made more plays than we did so we lost. We have to take advantage of the opportunities that are given, we had a chance to be in sole control of first place and we didn't take advantage of it. You can't keep letting opportunities slip away, period.

RB Michael Bush

I felt good. The defense was spread out so they couldn't stack the box and we had a good game plan going in, we just fell short at the end. I think we lost today because we hurt ourselves. Like I said, turnovers and the penalties [hurt us]. We had it going. You saw in the first half we were moving the ball, making plays, and then I can't tell you, it was just a crazy game, that's how it is.

FB Marcel Reece

Carson played great. He did everything that we practiced on doing. Carson did a great job, the O-line did a great job, and we just didn't execute like we needed to and finish the game.

DT Richard Seymour

One word is inconsistent. Everybody has to do their job, you have to take care of your responsibilities and we didn't do that today. When you don't do that, this is what you get.

Yeah, you just have to do your job. If there are plays you need to make, then you need to make those plays when your number is called. It is truly that simple. There is no 'oh what happened' or 'we have to play harder.' You just have to do your job, which is just the bottom line. This isn't a 'rah rah' thing, and that's what bothers me. We just need to forget all that and just do your job, bottom line. That is what really jumps out to me about this team; inconsistency and we need to do our jobs.

LB Aaron Curry

Yeah, we prepared for it, and I think part of the time we lost our composure as far as reading the same reads he was reading, as far as Tebow was going, and I take a lot of accountability for that. Just energy alone can make a play on that, whether you make the right read or not. Especially in the second half I feel like I could have brought more energy to the game, and did more than just my responsibility

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