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Streater Starts Motivational Monday on Twitter

Lets make Monday positive! Send me your success stories or how you beat adversity. I'll share some of mine each Monday! #MotivationalMonday — Rod Streater (@rodstreater80) February 24, 2014

I graduated high school with 0 offers from D1A, D1aa, and D2 schools. I was told I wasn't good enough and too small. #MotivationalMonday — Rod Streater (@rodstreater80) February 24, 2014

@rodstreater80 broke my leg last year, my senior year, as a running back in week 2. Had surgery and they told me I wouldn't be able to jog f — Dylan Sindorf (@DylanSindorf) February 24, 2014

@rodstreater80 or 4 months, came back in 6 weeks, finished the season, and started our last playoff game. #MotivationalMonday — Dylan Sindorf (@DylanSindorf) February 24, 2014

@rodstreater80 adversity hit me bad last week and normally I would be a reck...but God has given me peace...and help me to regain strength — LydiaPriscilla (@LydiaPriscila) February 24, 2014

@rodstreater80 my unhealthy lifestyle with diabetes in my family I lost 30 pounds & gained muscle turned my life around #Motivationalmonday — Rick San Bartolome (@RSB650) February 24, 2014

I didnt have enough "stars" to play college football Sept06 I worked in a warehouse. Adversity hit hard. Wanted to quit #MotivationalMonday — Rod Streater (@rodstreater80) February 24, 2014

@rodstreater80 18 yrs ago I was addicted, and living under the bridge. Today I have a beautiful Family and 15 yrs of Sobriety. Life is GOOD! — Colin Freeman (@Wulfenone) February 24, 2014

@rodstreater80 had surgery missed my JV year came back Jr year got all league and area best lineman on my team #MotivationalMonday — Ivan Martinez T (@Imartinez7575) February 24, 2014

@rodstreater80 too small, too skinny,no coach for 3 years but went to finals 3 years for HJ, and top 3 in school history #MotivationMonday — Adrian B (@adrian_TYBG) February 24, 2014

@rodstreater80 survived stage 4 cancer at 2 mo old and now am living a healthy, driven life. Nothing is impossible without the glory to God — Zachary Cook (@ZaCook325) February 24, 2014

@rodstreater80 i was told i couldn't sing. that we'd never get big tours. that we wouldn't get signed. well now.. check. check. and check. — Alexander DeLeon (@alexanderdeleon) February 24, 2014

@rodstreater80 at community college. hopefully a year away from transferring to Temple. #MotivationMonday #futureowl — (@yo_zinky) February 24, 2014

@rodstreater80 doc said I'd never run again & football career was over after a motorcycle accident Played football 3 months later 4 my Sr yr — Lewis (@FootballYoda) February 24, 2014

@rodstreater80 multiple combat deployments suffer great losses. Now I lived to honor those in life.#MotivationalMonday — Edgar covarrubias (@GUNSMK79) February 24, 2014

Thanks for the inspirational stories! Keep overcoming adversity. Let's share some more success stories next Monday! #MotivationalMonday — Rod Streater (@rodstreater80) February 25, 2014

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