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Why success has not made Chandler Jones complacent entering Year 11

Rent is due every day in the mind of Chandler Jones.

And entering his 11th NFL season, he hasn't missed too many payments.

An extensive resume littered with career accomplishments haven't made the 32-year-old All-Pro complacent.

"I don't want to go in front of these guys and say, 'Hey, you know what I can do,'" Jones told the media Thursday afternoon. "'You saw me a few years ago' or 'You saw me on ESPN.' 'You saw me in 2019 when I had 19.5 sacks.'

"What have you done for me lately? And what can you do for me now? I know that and I understand that."

So they're not just Janet Jackson lyrics.

While the edge rusher doesn't have much to prove at this stage in his career, he's committed to astonishing his coaches and teammates with the level of effort he puts toward getting better. Even the Raiders' new defensive line coach has a thing or two he hopes to pick up from being around Jones.

"As a former player, you have to remember in the NFL, we're all coworkers. So for me, I always like to pick the brain of someone who has 100 plus sacks because that's something I never did in my own career," said defensive line coach Frank Okam, who played five seasons in the NFL. "Anytime you can get some lessons from how they see the game, coaching points, film study points, anything to help those young guys get acclimated to the game faster – I'm all ears. I have no ego in this game; I'm just trying to help the Raiders win football games."

One of those guys that's benefited from the arrival of Jones is rising star edge rusher Maxx Crosby, who's set to start opposite of Jones on the defensive line. The duo's relationship has spanned for several seasons now, even before they were teammates. Jones and Crosby would frequently text and call each other to discuss strategies about the game. They've also been getting the best out of each other so far during OTAs.

"He's already been pushing me and it's insane almost to where I'm at this point in my career, going into my 11th season, there's been a few times in this camp now where I see Maxx run to the next drill and I'm like, 'I got to go faster because he's already over there.' He's younger than me, but he's pushed me in that sense already.

"I'm excited to rush with him, he's a huge reason why I came to Las Vegas. One of the main reasons is I came to play with him."

Crosby, last week during his media availability, expressed the same sentiment for how Jones has been able to push him.

"Chandler has been incredible since he's got here," said Crosby. "He's a great leader. I think he's going into Year 11 now and he has 100-plus sacks. I'm consistently asking him questions. Cool thing about Chandler, he's one of the most humble dudes I've met. He's super humble for the things he's done. He asks me stuff all the time and it throws me off because I look at his career and that's something I aspire to do.

"He's been incredible since Day 1 and he's definitely someone I look up to."

Jones proclaims he's looking forward to the next sack to add to his collection of 107.5. When asked how much he believes he has left in his tank, he said he believes "it would be unfair" to say. The All-Pro edge rusher is just content with being able to step on the field every day, and will do so for as long as he can.

"I feel great and I'm excited to play this season," said Jones. "And we'll move forward from there."

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