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Tell The Truth Tuesday: Khalil Mack And Del Rio Talk Raiders Mindset


The Oakland Raiders were back at their practice facility Tuesday afternoon, and shared their thoughts on Sunday's game. The team expects more out of itself after falling to the Kansas City Chiefs 26-10, a tough loss against a division rival. From Head Coach Jack Del Rio to defensive end Khalil Mack, several members of the team broke down where the team can improve, and what the mentality is right now.

It's time for another Tell the Truth Tuesday.

**Head Coach Jack Del Rio


"We have a real good team. Had a bad day yesterday. What's most important – win or lose – what's most important is how you get past the last one and get on to the next one. There's no question in my mind, I think where it starts is each man… When things don't go the way you want, each man looks and sees what he can do better. We're going to ask each guy, every player, every coach, to do something, do one thing better this week than you did last week."

"I think you just have to get back to work. That's really the challenge. Sometimes it can be more of a challenge when you have success to get back to work. It's a little easier to get their attention when it doesn't go your way. The way yesterday went, we obviously had high hopes, and it didn't go that way. Little easier to get their attention and get them back on track."

"We'll work internally on that kind of stuff. It's clear that we're not operating the way that we need to operate to play really good defense. It starts with the communication aspect, from the sideline to the huddle, from the huddle amongst each other out there. Sometimes those problems are actually a little more difficult at home than they are on the road for defense."

Defensive End Khalil Mack

"That's the whole point, it's the whole purpose. Everybody needs to do their job and stay in their lane, and do their job to the best of their abilities."

"We can talk about it all day, [but] until we do it it's irrelevant. We'll focus on the action and get back and attack practice tomorrow. Tomorrow, Thursday, getting on the plane Friday, and putting it on film Sunday."

**Running Back Jalen Richard


"Just continue to compete and understand that everybody in the league is good. Everybody is going to come to play, so we understand that 4-2 is a good start, and as much as we want to we're going to have some game that stings like this a little bit more than usual. Mostly, just continue to fight, continue to play, understand that we still have a long season ahead of us, and don't get caught up on this last loss, and look forward to Jacksonville."

Defensive Tackle Stacy McGee

"Overall as a defense, we have to figure out how to play together, and put the pieces together, and just execute every call that we're given. Like I said before, we have all the keys. We have all the talent, good coaches, but everybody doesn't come together, and execute every call, than something always falls through."

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