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Michael enjoys the Raiders pre-game warm ups from the sideline.

My name is Laura Hartley and my family and I live in Lincoln, Rhode Island. My son, Michael, is a very big Raider fan. I have to say I wasn't a fan of football until Michael changed that for me. 

On June 12, 2004, Michael got suddenly ill and was hospitalized for 3 months. Upon his return home from the hospital I wrote a letter to Al Davis asking for tickets to a game, when the Raiders were playing the Patriots here in Rhode Island. I sent the letter never expecting a reply. Well, I got one!!! Not only did we get tickets to the game, but we were able to meet the team before the game. It was amazing. 

Shortly after, Michael had a wish granted through a local organization. He could have gotten anything, but his wish was to go to Oakland to see a Raider game. The trip was truly incredible.  We stayed at the hotel and went to the game with the team in the caravan. We we able to go outside the locker room and meet the team, go on the field pre-game, and then watch the game. It was a trip of a lifetime and from that moment on I became a Raider fan. 

Michael continues to show his Raider pride and even though today he has to remain using a walker to walk, he will be graduating from college with honors and then going to law school.

The Raiders have been a big part of Michael's life and recovery and I just wanted to say Thank You!

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