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Thompkins "looking forward to being in Oakland"


Q: They [New England Patriots] were in the situation where they had to have another linebacker I think, so they had to make the move and were hoping that you would make it through [waivers] and they would get you back, so is that what you were hoping for also?**

Thompkins:"Over there in New England, a great group of guys over there, great organization and great coaches and they've always been one to make the best decisions for the team and I feel like he did that, and I'm here in Oakland and looking forward to being in Oakland."

Q: What are your impressions of Derek Carr so far?

Thompkins:"Great player. It's day one, we're still getting to know each other so hopefully we can build a relationship each and every day."

Q: How's the transition been picking up a new offense?

Thompkins:"I don't think it's been that bad. I spent a lot of time in the playbook last night and I'm going to do the same tonight, and hopefully it'll be a better day tomorrow."

Q: You have it memorized yet?

Thompkins:"It's an ongoing process."

Q: So are you going to play this weekend? Are you healthy enough, do you know enough of the playbook to go?

Thompkins:"I'm for sure healthy, but I follow the game plan, and me playing this weekend is going to be Coach's decision."

Q: What do you see yourself bringing to this team and the wide receiving corps?

Thompkins:"Whatever they want me to do. I'm out here and I'm going to make sure I compete hard and make sure that I work hard, and whatever role they want me to do, I'm going to do that full speed and make sure I do it with the best ability that I can."

Q: You're coming to a team that hasn't won since the middle of last year or so, and you're accustomed to playing for a team that wins most of its games. Is there anything that you can tell these guys?

Thompkins:"These guys have been here. This is my second day here so I feel like I really don't have the mind piece to actually tell these guys what to do, so I'm going to just make sure that I'm working hard and make sure that I'm competing at a high level and hopefully they can feed off it."

Q: Is it hard to come to a team that just got a new coach?

Thompkins:"I mean, everything is new to me right now. I'm all over the place right now, but I'm taking it one day at a time and we'll see how things play out."

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