Tim Brown's Top 10 Receiving Games


  1. 190 yards **(10/24/1999) – Tim Brown caught 11 passes for 190 yards and one TD as the Raiders rallied in the last two minutes to defeat the New York Jets 24-23 at Network Associates Coliseum.

2. 183 yards(12/05/1993) – The then-Los Angeles Raiders traveled east to Buffalo where they defeated the Buffalo Bills 25-24 with Brown hauling in 10 passes, including the game-winning touchdown in the fourth quarter.

3. 173 yards(01/02/1994) – Brown caught 11 passes from Jeff Hostetler for 173 yards and two scores as the Raiders defeated the Broncos 33-30 in overtime to earn home-field advantage in the playoffs.


  1. 172 yards **(10/08/2000) – The Battle of the Bay went to Oakland in 2000, as the Raiders beat the San Francisco 49ers 34-28 in overtime. In the victory, Brown caught seven passes and found the end zone twice, including the game-winner.

5. 164 yards(12/21/1997) –Brown had an outstanding day, catching 14 passes from Jeff George, but it wasn't enough, as the Silver and Black fell to the Jaguars 20-9.

6. 163 yards(11/02/1997) – The Raiders fell to the Panthers 38-14, but Brown eclipsed the century mark receiving once again, hauling in 10 passes for 163 yards.

7. 161 yards(11/19/1995) – Brown provided another consistent effort for the Raiders, catching 11 passes and one touchdown as Oakland fell to the Dallas Cowboys 34-21.

8. 158 yards(08/31/1997) – Tim Brown provided all the offense for the Raiders, hauling in eight passes and three TDs, although the Tennessee Oilers bested the Silver black 34-31 in overtime.

9. 156 yards(10/31/1993) – The Los Angeles Raiders fell to the division-rival San Diego Chargers 30-23 on Halloween 1993. In the loss, Brown caught five passes for 156 yards and two TDs.

10. 156 yards(10/01/1995) – The Raiders cruised past the New York Jets 47-10 at Giants Stadium, and Brown hauled in eight passes for 156 yards and two scores in the winning effort. 

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