Tuesday Camp Notebook

The Oakland Raiders finished up their morning practice on their sixth day of workouts at their Napa Valley Training Facility.  The team went with full pads for the morning practice and according to Head Coach Tom Cable, showed a lot of growth in only the second workout in pads.

Coach Cable talked with the media after practice and discussed some of the positives the team showed.

"The biggest emphasis you saw out there was the move-the-ball period. Kind of get them out there, get the coaches and the rest of the players away from them. Let them have to problem-solve in the huddle a little bit, kind of decipher things a little bit and make the call. Adjust and all that. Some good stuff there."   Coach Cable said. 

Raiders tackle Mario Henderson is just as enthusiastic about the start of the season as Coach Cable.  Henderson hopes to build on the success he experienced late last season where he became the starting left tackle for the last five games.  Henderson realized how important repetition is and appreciated the slower pace of the first four days of camp.

"Last year I was thinking so much.  Now I am just able to go out there and know what I am doing.  The first four days we had here makes practice so much easier because we are not really thinking," Henderson said.

Training camp in the NFL is all about competition.  The Oakland Raiders camp is no different.  "I think everything is serious competition. We wanted to do that for a reason. We want to push Kirk and push Ricky and see what the right combination is in there. We just want to give everybody the opportunity, when it fits and when they've earned to do that." Coach Cable said.

Brown appreciates the opportunity and knows what a little competition brings out in others.

"It's just a competitive environment out there. Kirk was with the ones yesterday, and I was with the one's yesterday. I'm also playing a little bit of SAM. We got Jon (Alston), Thomas (Howard), Kirk (Morrison) and myself.  The thing about all of them being in such a competitive environment is I know all of them are going to flourish," Brown said.

Brown added, "Because the one thing I've experienced with competition is that it brings out the best in everyone. When we put together our starting lineup that guy is going to be battle tested and ready. This is Kirk's fifth year, my fourth year and Jon's fourth year.   We are all veterans and know how football works. I think it's going to make all three of us better."

Another player that is vying for more playing time and to become an impact player is second-year player Trevor Scott.  Last season in Scott's rookie campaign the 6'5"-defensive end finished the year with 24 tackles, five sacks, and one forced fumble.  Coach Cable has high expectations for him as well the rest of the Raiders sophomore class.

"I think every second year guy, he's tasted it and at the end he was pretty productive. The last seven weeks he was really productive. So, now you want to see him take that and take the next step. Where he can play every down if you ask him to and be as good a run player as he is a pass rusher. We know he's a good pass rusher. For him, he really has to develop as a run player,"  Coach Cable said.

In trying to be more successful against the run Scott has added 15 pounds.

"I am about 15 pounds larger.  I feel great.  Going against the tackles on the edge or going against other tight ends.  I don't feel a tight end can block me.  I just feel really powerful on the field.  My confidence is so much higher than last year.  As a rookie trying to make the team, you don't know what is going on.  It all comes down to keep working hard,"  Scott said.

Don't forget, you can see Ricky, Trevor, Coach Cable and the rest of the 2009 Oakland Raiders at this Saturday's RAIDER NATION CELEBRATION!  Also, be sure to follow the Raiders on Twitter!

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