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Tyler Wilson Media Session

Wilson: It's nice being out here, getting guys kind of together. You're working with guys you didn't work with before. You're learning new plays, new lingo and its tough. I think the first day and a half that we've been out here, it's getting in and out of the huddle that's probably been the biggest thing. It's not throwing and catching, that's pretty easy, but it's just learning everything and trying to piece everything together and being able to play full speed.

Q: I know this maybe getting way ahead of the full picture, but when you look at the situation here, they got a guy they just signed and another guy that doesn't have a lot of experience, do you really look at this as, 'I got a legitimate chance to grab this thing and run with it?'

Wilson: Well, it's an opportunity, and, obviously, there's a lot I have to learn. The playbooks, one of the things you have to dive in and really attack and I've got a lot of work to do there to get up to speed because there's been veteran guys that have been here that are way ahead of me right now. So I'm playing catch-up from that point. I do think I can bring some things to the table skill-set wise, but, again, I have to play catch-up at this point. I'm going to use as an opportunity and compete like heck.

Q: You've seen the playbook, how does it compare with what you have done in the past?

Wilson: We were very much pro-style at Arkansas, but there's three or four different offenses in the NFL and we were kind of the other side of the West Coast. We were very much not West Coast at Arkansas. So, we were doing multiple formations, multiple sets, motions and a lot of language in the huddle, but it was a completely different set of verbiage, so a lot that I'm learning there.

Q: It seemed out there as if you were at ease, did something help you? You seemed like you weren't the ordinary rookie out there with the way you were moving around, passing the ball and all that stuff.

Wilson: That's good to hear. I'm comfortable out there. It's fun. It's football. There's a lot going through your head and I've always tried not to show that and just be cool and be in the huddle and be calm, and let the guys know that you know if I'm not right the first time, we're going to get it right eventually, and be as confident as I can be out there. I think that's part of it and that's part of playing the position, still a lot to learn though.

Q: Is this just what you were expected when you came out here? What happened the last couple days? Has it been what you expected it to be?

Wilson: I knew they would throw a lot at you. They're wanting to see kind of how you handle intensity. How when they get on you, how you handle it. There's a lot that goes into it. How you mesh with the other guys and how you are around the facility, and I think that's a big part of this weekend is just digesting and soaking up as much as that is possible. I thought this has been a big step for me, for sure.

Q: Did Brice Butler kind of become your favorite target during practice today?

Wilson: I threw it to him a few times today, so that's good. I think of everybody as X's and O's out there; right now I do. As I break the huddle and just try to get it to where I'm supposed to, but naturally it just ends up like that sometimes.

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