Vikings RB Adrian Peterson: "A solid group - upfront, pretty stout"


Q: What have you seen from Teddy Bridgewater in his second year and his growth as a quarterback?

Peterson:"Just the way he's matured. The way he takes on defensive schemes that are presented to him. Young guy, but still poised."

Q: The Raiders run defense has been pretty effective this year. What have you seen from them on film?

Peterson:"A solid group. Upfront, pretty stout. The secondary is playing good. You have [Charles] Woodson, who is a savvy vet and a good tackler. And the linebacker corps is playing some good ball as well. I've been able to watch a little film on them. We're going to have to go in and out-execute those guys."

Q: Latavius Murray is a young back who's done pretty well. What have you seen from his running style?

Peterson:"He's a guy that I really, like you said, I don't get to watch film on him. But I've caught highlights, and he's a guy that's caught my eye to wonder, 'Who is this guy?' Because he's running the ball hard. I would say he's a physical back. I would have to watch more film on him to really establish that. But he's getting the job done, that's one thing I've learned throughout the season."

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