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What the Chargers Are Saying


Ahead of tonight's Christmas Eve AFC West showdown between the Raiders and Chargers in Oakland, let's take a look at what the Silver and Black's opponents have to say about the matchup.

Quarterback Philip Rivers on Charles Woodson

"He's to me, one of the best defensive backs ever to play, really.  And I say defensive backs because he's played the nickel, he's played corner, he's played safety.  He's done it all and he's just a great football player.  The fact that it obviously will be his last home game I'm sure will add to the energy there.  But he's always a guy I've had respect for and played a lot of games against.  But as I think he said, he's still doing it.  It's amazing what he's still doing.  He can really run and watching the tape every time the ball's turned over, he's the one who ends up with the fumble it seems like or an interception.  He's still playing really, really well.  He's been awesome for this league for a lot of years."* *


Head Coach Mike McCoy on Khalil Mack**

**"He's a force to be reckoned with every play. He's a player that you always have to know he is on every play because he's a game changer. The way he gets after the quarterback. He's another, you mentioned the three guys on offense early, this is another younger player. And he's playing at a very high level right now, but he's just going to get better and better with every game he plays. He's definitely someone you have to know where he's at every play."

TE Antonio Gates on playing the Raiders in Oakland

"We obviously want to go there and beat the Oakland Raiders. I'm quite sure they feel the same way about the San Diego Chargers. It's been an unbelievable place to go play a football game. Since I've been a kid, going and playing and watching Oakland play was always something special, and obviously the historical moments and history of their franchise. So I'm quite sure it'll have the same emotional affect for the guys who have been there and been a part of that organization for a while."

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