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What the Green Bay Packers Are Saying About the Raiders

Heading into the trip to Oakland to take on the Raiders, several members of the Green Bay Packers spoke about the matchups with the Silver and Black.

LB Clay Matthews on the Matchup Against the Raiders:

"I think [Derek Carr's] getting a good supporting cast around him, the talent he possesses as well as the receivers they have, really just their entire offense, they're playing much better this year than they did last year, they're playing well, they're playing real good ball, I know they're in the thick of things as far as the playoff race is concerned. They should be excited about this matchup we have in coming out there, it should be a good match. A lot of young talent out there."


On Charles Woodson*

QB Aaron Rodgers

"It's hard not to watch Charles Woodson, He was a great leader for us at a time where we needed that type of leadership, and he took us to a special place and had a lot of memories together.

"He's playing great football. It's impressive to see. Obviously I'm a little biased, but I think any fair opinion out there would say he's playing the position at the top of his game right now.

"He made me a lot better player. I got to work on my look-offs and my no-look passes against Charles, because if you weren't aware of where he was at on every single rep, he would make you look bad.

"The last thing you want to see is Charles holding that ball up after an interception and tossing it back to you. He made everybody better when he was here and still doing it."

WR James Jones

"He looks like a young man, he's picking stuff off, he's causing fumbles, he's around the ball. Everywhere the ball is, you see '24' in there.

"He can play until he's probably 50 because he understands the game so well."


Photos from the Raiders VS Packers all-time series.

G Josh Sitton**

"To know I'm in my eighth year and he's still playing in the NFL just blows my mind, it's pretty cool. It's very impressive."

On Khalil Mack

T Bryan Bulaga

"I think he has everything, to be honest with you. He's a strong guy. If you watch how he got most of his sacks against Denver, he's a strong dude. You have to be ready for everything, because he's got good speed as well."

QB Aaron Rodgers

"A lot of extra-effort plays, he just keeps coming."

Head Coach Mike McCarthy "As a coach, anytime you get a chance to evaluate a player live on the field, to me that's where you get the best evaluation, I was really impressed with him on the field last year. He's extremely athletic, a great motor. Just a very good, instinctive football player."

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