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What the Steelers are Saying About the Raiders

Photos of the Raiders taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers throughout the years.

As the Oakland Raiders get ready to head to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers, let's take a look at what the Black and Gold had to say about the Silver and Black this week.

On the Raiders defense…

QB Ben Roethlisberger: "It's an awesome defense. This is a huge test for us – it's not going to be easy. They're a very physical football team, very physical in the secondary. Their front seven like to get after the quarterback. This is a definite test for us and for our guys because it's a very good defense. I'd say they're well better than just average pass rushers. They're very good pass rushers. They get after the quarterback. Like I said, they add to this test that's going to be this weekend."

Head Coach Mike Tomlin: "[Khalil] Mack is impressive. Mario Edwards Jr. is impressive. I see guys winning individual battles, guys coming off of blocks and making tackles, and that's football. Those guys are doing a really good job of utilizing their hands, controlling the line of scrimmage and being ball aware – containing and constricting the ball. Seeing it consistently from guys like Mack and Mario Edwards and Dan Williams. It starts inside and up front and they're getting those type of contributions from those men and others."


Offensive coordinator Todd Haley**: "They are still doing what the Raiders have done for a lot of years, which is a lot of man-to-man and one-on-ones. They are playing tight, physical football. They have some big-time guys up front that can bring it and disrupt you. This is a good group. They are playing tight coverage. It looks like you are working for every throw. I think they are a legit defense. Up front they have some big space eaters inside that cause a lot of problems for you as far as getting moved. They have two outside linebackers in Khalil Mack and Aldon Smith who are bringing it, very similar to Kansas City. They have some guys that can really cover. They have Charles Woodson on the back end that is as good as they come, as far as playing the middle of the field and being a wild-card, so to speak. You have to know where he is at all times. He has good football awareness, and his football knowledge is so great. I think he is getting opportunities to do his own thing at times. He ends up being in the right place at the right time too much of the time."

On Raiders safety Charles Woodson:

QB Ben Roethlisberger: "I think it's awesome. Such a credit to him and his work ethic, his determination, the type of player he is. To be able to do it, not just play, but play at that high of a level, speaks volumes for the type of person and competitor he is. I think it's awesome to see."

Head Coach Mike Tomlin: "This guy has really had a legendary, legendary career. I think we all should just appreciate what he does while we still have an opportunity to see him do it, because he is a generational guy. He's a special guy. He's done it at a high level for an extremely long period of time."


On Raiders QB Derek Carr:*

Defensive coordinator Keith Butler: "I think he plays pretty well. He looks a lot like his brother, I think. He's got a good arm and good mobility. They have a good offense, they're ninth in the league in offense. They're scoring some points, and they're 4-3 for a good reason. They play in a very good division. I had the opportunity to play in that division, that's a tough division. They have a good football team, and I hope people don't underestimate them. We don't.

On Raiders RB Latavius Murray: Defensive coordinator Keith Butler: "He's a good sized kid who is strong. He looks like he's long and lean, but he's strong. He gets in and out of breaks pretty fast and turns and runs the football. He's good at picking up the holes, and he's got good vision."

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