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What They're Saying: 'Ball security will be a high priority' for Patriots as they prepare for a dynamic Raiders defense 

The Raiders are set for a matchup with the New England Patriots this Sunday. Take a look at what the Patriots' players and coaches had to say about the Week 6 matchup.

On Raiders defense:

"Defensively, they're strong against the run, haven't given up very many big plays. They got the turnovers last week against Green Bay, and that was a big difference for them. Obviously, ball security will be a high priority for us. It always is, but needs to be this week as well. [Maxx] Crosby caused a lot of those problems, but they have, obviously, [Robert] Spillane, [Marcus] Peters, other guys back there are ball-hawking, too." - Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick

On WR Jakobi Meyers:

"Jakobi is awesome. I just remember when I first came in, everyone talking about him and finally got a chance to work with him and he was great. He did a lot of things really well. He still keeps in contact with me and all that stuff. I definitely have a lot of love for him, and he's the man. A great guy off the field, but really just looking forward to seeing him play. He's done a great job on film." - Patriots QB Mac Jones

"It's going to be good to see him out there. He's a good player for them. He was a good player when he was here. It's going to be an exciting matchup." - Patriots CB Jonathan Jones

"Definitely a big hug, tell him what's up after the game. I'll definitely greet him during the game. If I see him, I'll definitely give him a full on tackle hug." - Patriots DL Deatrich Wise Jr.

"He goes hard. I would say Jakobi is a guy, he goes hard every play. You really can't tell if he's running a route or if he's about to block you. So you've just got to be on it with him." - Patriots CB J.C Jackson

On WR Davante Adams:

"Offensively, Adams is certainly a Hall of Fame receiver. He's ready for it. This guy's had tremendous production – touchdowns, receiving yards, catches, you name it." - Patriots Head Coach Belichick

"Where do you want to start? From the line of scrimmage, to contested catches, getting open, creating separation, he's just one of those wide receivers that can pretty much do it all." - Patriots CB Jonathan Jones

"He's one of their top receivers. He's a great player and it's going to be a good challenge for our secondary." - Patriots CB J.C Jackson

On RB Josh Jacobs:

"Jacobs, 2,000 yards from scrimmage last year, leads the league in receiving this year with running backs. He's had a little more production in the passing game this year than in the running game, but he's been very productive. Hard guy to handle." - Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick

On QB Jimmy Garoppolo:

"Jimmy is a good quarterback. He's got a good record. He can do everything you want a quarterback to do. He's athletic, good arm, can make all the throws and has won a lot of games. ... We saw Jimmy every day. We saw the talent and the ability to be a starting quarterback. That's what he was drafted for and that's what he is. He's had a good career and I'm happy for him." - Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick

On DE Maxx Crosby:

"A very, very disruptive guy. Causes a lot of problems in the running game and the passing game, led the league in TFLs last year. Just a very disruptive guy." - Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick

"I think it all starts with 98. He's a great player, one of the best pass rushers in the league. Not only pass rusher but versus the run too. It all starts there. We've got to try to find a way to neutralize him." - Patriots RB Ezekiel Elliot

On Raiders special teams:

"The two specialists are really outstanding. [Daniel] Carlson, maybe behind [Justin] Tucker, but that's about it. This guy's a tremendous kicker and [AJ] Cole, a tremendous punter. Two specialists that are as good as anybody we'll see." - Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick

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