What They're Saying: Twitter Reaction to the Raiders 2016 Draft Class


The 2016 NFL Draft is officially in the books, and the Raiders have added seven new faces to their roster. Defense was a priority early in the draft, as Day One and Day Two were composed of only defensive selections for the Silver and Black, but the team did address the offense with three of its four final picks.

Of course, quarterback Derek Carr welcomed everyone to the team on social media:

Then others chimed in as well – current and former players, as well as the media at-large. Check out how the Raiders' draft is being viewed now that it has been finalized:

We got "The Eraser" Nelson ! And "The Hitman" Joseph ... ! Sheeeesh that's a scary sight !  #BlackMass — Leon Orr (@LeonOrr) April 29, 2016

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