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Wilson: "We know we're getting better"


Q: The Chargers offensive line has had a lot of combinations this season. What they have done that has made them productive this year?**

Wilson:"They play well together. Guys have been together for a while. They've been there for a while, so when you've been there for a while you know how each other play. They cover for one another really well, and they do a great job, and don't forget, Philip Rivers does a great job of getting rid of the ball fast too. Those guys keep a lot of pressure off of him."

Q: How do you as a defense get pressure to him knowing that the ball is going to be coming out as quick as it is?

Wilson:"Everything works together. The coverage works with the pass rush and the pass rush works with the coverage. With a quarterback like Philip Rivers, you have to have both. You can't have good pressure and then bad coverage, or good coverage and bad pressure. You have to have both and that's what we're trying to do Sunday."

Q: What do you guys need to do to contain Branden Oliver and make sure he doesn't get the run game going?

Wilson:"He's a good back. I take my hat off to him. I got to see him and said, 'wow this is a good guy, good back.' We know that the first thing is stopping the run in football. Our number one thing is stopping the run. He had a pretty good game against us last time he came up here, so we're just going to have to stay in our gaps. He's a guy that he can get in, get out. He's small; you don't know where he's at, so you have to fight to stay in your gap and be disciplined."

Q: Do you see improvement in the defense as a unit?

Wilson:"We in the Raiders organization and this team know we're getting better. People might not believe that, but [Interim Head Coach Tony] Sparano is doing a great job of making us believe every week, every day that we are getting better. We see it in and out, and we as a defense are coming together and playing better. Once we get this thing rolling, we're going to be going in the right direction and we're going in the right direction right now, we just need our first win."

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