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Elijah Hood: "I Feel Like The Most Blessed Individual In The World Right Now"


Q: How would you describe today?

Hood:"Yeah, I had no clue what was coming, so I was kind of sitting here waiting. I was getting all kinds of butterflies and everything. I finally got that call. I'm too blessed. I feel like the most blessed individual in the world right now. I want to thank God and just be grateful for the opportunity that's set before me. That's all I can say."

Q: What do you think of joining the Raiders' running back group?

Hood:"I mean Marshawn Lynch, growing up watching him play, honestly as a runner, that's one of the running backs I tried to model my game after the most. I mean Beast Mode. I just can't wait to be in that running back room with him. He has so much to offer. He's a veteran. The way he conducts business, he's a professional. I feel like I have so many questions I need to ask him and learn from him about the game and NFL and what it takes to be successful. It's just so much to take in. I'm about to be in a room with this guy. He's literally the man who I wanted to become as a running back. I have nothing but blessings upon blessing coming into this situation. It's like God selected it for me. I can't ask for more."

**Q: Can you even imagine the idea of heir apparent to a guy like Lynch?


Hood:"I know. I couldn't imagine something like that. I'm sitting here right now and it's amazing. I have nothing but work ahead of me, and I can't wait to do it. I just want to get through it because I can't wait to be out there in Oakland and Las Vegas. I'm just trying to do what I can to help this team out. I'm Silver and Black all the way through now, just like that. I don't have anything else but God and blessings on me. It's just work. I can't wait."

Q: Have you considered playing in a fullback role?

Hood:"I will do whatever it takes. Honestly, they told me that they wanted me to slim down to get prepared for running back. I already slimmed down. The situation is already set. I'll do whatever it takes. I'm just ready to play ball. Get me on the field. Get me the chance. I'm just ready to work. There's nothing else. I'll do what it takes. They give me a job, I'm going to go and get it."

Q: You said you slimmed down, what is your weight now?

Hood:"I'm 220. I've been running straight sprints. All I've been doing is running sprints. Just trying to get as fast as I can. I'm just ready to do what I can."

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