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Mack Hollins making quite the impression on the Raiders' locker room

Mack Hollins describes himself as one that marches to the beat of his own drum.

Nevertheless, the former Miami Dolphins wide receiver hasn't had any trouble adapting to his new teammates and bringing his unique energy into the locker room.

"If you were to ask everybody, 'Who's the weirdest guy in the locker room?' they'd probably put Mack top five in there," Hollins joked after practice Sunday. "I think it's just 'cause I really don't care what people think about me. I'm not trying to live forever. I'm here for a short amount of time and if you don't like me, then so be it. But I try to enjoy the time that we have here because I know a football career is even shorter than any other career.

"So if I'm going to be here with y'all for 12 hours a day, I better enjoy being around y'all, or y'all are going to enjoy being around me."

Darren Waller and Josh Jacobs are two of Hollins teammates in particular that thoroughly enjoy the 12 hours a day they've spent with him since minicamp.

"I don't want to give that guy too much credit, but I've known him a couple of months, and he's probably one of the top five funniest guys I've ever met in my life," Waller told the media Saturday.

"Mack Hollins, man, that's an amazing dude," Jacobs added. "He's funny. And he's a hard worker man. He comes out there every day and he puts in the work. And I'm excited to see about him. He's smart too, I don't think I've ever seen a guy pick up an offense so fast honestly."

Something has also become popular within the locker room is what is now considered his trademark "Mack Hollins Mile." Waller, Jacobs and Foster Moreau are a few that have openly talked about running the mile that has a peculiar twist to it.

"[Y]ou don't have to be a big name to understand that people put in big work a lot of the time. And for me, Mack Hollins is a perfect example of that," Moreau said. "Leading by example, taking guys after every run, every lift, every workout and we're running miles with Mack Hollins. And I'm guilty of missing a few because the guy is a different breed.

"It's definitely a little bit more than a mile, which tends to piss some people off, but we get it and we run it and we shut up and just do it," continued Moreau. "Some people cut corners and some people don't."

When asked about what exactly the "Mack Hollins Mile" entails, Hollins went into detail about what makes the mile so difficult. He also said, to him, the mile is more about the mental aspect than the physical.

"I always run a mile after every workout," said Hollins. "Some of the guys started seeing it and they started doing it. At this level, every player can run a mile no problem after every workout. There's not time on it, there's no speed on it, you just have to do it. It's just mental. You do a hard workout, you do a hard lift and at the end of the day, I can still do a mile. When you're third, fourth quarter and I'm hurting, I can still do a mile, I can still get a couple more plays. That's the mindset."

That mindset displays a more serious side to Hollins that comes out once he steps on the field. Hollins is coming off a career season in Miami, catching four touchdowns in 2021. This body of work Hollins displays in Training Camp could ultimately decide how big his role will be in the offense, playing alongside more established players such as Waller, Davante Adams and Hunter Renfrow.

Hollins also hopes that with his play, he can elevate the other receivers in the room as well.

"Obviously, Josh [McDaniels] is great with creating things that give offenses the best opportunity to win," he said. "Whether that's a different guy at that, technically, third wide receiver, it's just all packages. Whether it's me or Kee [Keelan Cole], T-Billy [Tyron Johnson], Jordan [Veasy] or DJ [Turner], [Dillon] Stoner, even Justin [Hall], whoever's in there is in there.

"We've always been taught if you're in the game, you're the starter, you're the guy. That's how we're going to treat it. It's not like the third spot is the guy, it can be a revolving door."

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