Morris: "I'm ready to go to work"


Q: Have you played more on one side than the other, and has it been strictly tackle? Where have you played on the line in college?**

Morris:"I played right and left tackle. I'm versatile. I can move inside if need be. Wherever I need to be at, I'm ready to go to work."

Q: What is your weight at right now? What do you think is an ideal weight for you?

Morris:"Right now, I weight 317. I think about 315 is the idea."

Q: Did you know the Raiders were interested? Did you have conversations with them?

Morris:"Yes, on my visit I had talked to General Manager Reggie McKenzie. We had a good talk, he said some positive things, so I kind of expected it."

Q: You came out here?

Morris:"Yes, sir."

Q: Had you ever been out to California before?

Morris:"My visit to Oakland was actually my first time being in California."

Q: Do you think being from a smaller conference and school will make it any tougher for you to get accustomed to the NFL?

Morris:"I don't think it will make it any tougher, because I went against some good people [inaudible], a lot better than what it was a couple of years ago. I have the technique and athleticism to play in the pros."

Q: You became a full-time starter as a senior. What was it that happened that caused you to become the full-time starter?

Morris:"Before, I had to get a scope of my knee, so going into my junior year, I was kind of behind with rehab and stuff, because the surgery was so close to the season.  I didn't show back up until about midseason of my junior year."

Q: What can you tell us about your meeting with Reggie McKenzie that left you so encouraged about the Raiders?

Morris:"He gave me a nickname." (laughing)

Q: What was the nickname?

Morris:"Big Mo.'" (laughing)

Q: Did the Raiders talk to you at all about their blocking scheme and how you might fit?

Morris:"I talked to the O-line coach [Mike Tice] and their assistant O-line coach [Tim Holt]. We talked a lot about the blocking scheme and stuff, and the pass scheme. It's very similar to what I was doing in college."

Q: How would you describe the college scheme? Was it a power scheme? Did you do a lot of lateral movement?

Morris:"It was more of a zone concept. We had a few power plays."

Q: You feel you have the quickness to play that at the next level?

Morris:"Yes, sir."

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