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Mychal Rivera Chats with Media

On the Raiders drafting a tight end prior to him: "Well, the draft is crazy. Sometimes some teams pick up two tight ends. Some teams need those, some teams pick up one. So, I didn't really have an opinion on it. I was just waiting for my phone to ring."

On seeing the 510 Oakland area code on his cell phone: "Oh man, I was really excited. Staying in California, that's really a dream come true and I'm really proud to be a Raider."

On conversations with Reggie McKenzie at Tennessee's pro day: "Yeah, I did. I actually talked to him after my bench press because I had increased my bench press from 17 reps to 21 and I had talked to him after that. I was just letting him know I wasn't a weak player. He kind of laughed with me, we kind of shared some laughs and some jokes. He's a really cool guy and I'm just really happy to play for a guy like that."

On his size and what he needs to prove as a blocker: "Well, I think the Raiders have an idea of what they want to do with me. They're going to want to motion me, they're going to want to split me out, similar things I did at Tennessee. I'm really great at catching the ball and I think what they're going to get me for is my catching ability."

On contact at Senior Bowl: "I was on the Detroit Lions team. Since the pro day, I got a call from every team. I think the Raiders called about three or four times to confirm some information, to talk with me a little bit, but it wasn't anything special. Just normal conversation."

On QB Tyler Wilson and playing with him at the Senior Bowl: "Tyler Wilson has a great arm and he's a great leader, and that's really important as a quarterback to be a great leader. He steps into the huddle and he demands your attention, and that's very important for a quarterback."

On competition at tight end: "Yeah, that's awesome. That's the best situation I could find myself in. I would be cool sitting behind a veteran or something, but this is a great situation being as I can compete for to be a starter. I can't ask for anything better."

On whether he'd bring family members with him [referring to sister, actress Naya Rivera]: "[Laughs] No, my sister is going to stay in Los Angeles. She's got to work."

On whether he has a Twitter account: "Yeah, it's just my first name and my last name [@MychalRivera]."

On whether Raiders fans have followed him on Twitter: "They're starting to follow me already. Starting to get the Raider Nation hashtag started."

On whether he feels he flew under the radar in the draft: "Yeah, definitely. Looking at the research I've done on first-team SEC tight ends, looking at a guy like Dwayne Allen going third round last year, Orson Charles going fourth round the year before that, the guy from Arkansas [D.J. Williams] going fourth round, I felt like I kind of went under the radar a little bit. But, that's how my career has been. My career, ever since Pop Warner, I've been the last guy to prove myself and I wouldn't have it any other way."

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