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Q&A with Terrelle Pryor

Q: First team out there?

Pryor: We took our time today. We got in and out of the huddle. I thought we synced together pretty good with the receivers, hit them good a couple of times. I thought overall we were in and out of the huddle pretty fast and got moving today.

Q: Do you feel like your play in the game earned you the first team reps today?

Pryor: No, Matt isn't playing and I don't know whether it was the game or whatever the deal is. Coach told me what the deal was that he wanted me…that Matt wasn't playing on Friday and he wanted me to jump with the first team and lead them into Seattle. I'm just studying just like I usually do and I love to be with the guys.

Q: Do you look at it as you've said all along that you just have your one percent every day still or do you look at it as, 'hey, this is my audition right here for week one?'

Pryor: No because I'm going to still go and practice and I'm going to keep showing the coaches what I can do good and keep getting better at the things I'm not doing not so good and some things I can clean up on and get better at. That's the thing, I'm definitely not all the way there in terms of the playbook, in terms of just being a quarterback out there. I'm learning still. Don't get me wrong – I can lead if I was called upon to do it. But I'm just out there getting better and trying to get in sync with the guys right now.

Q: When you watch the game film from Friday, what jumps out at you? What do you see from your performance on Friday?

Pryor: I see I made some plays, but at the same time, there's a lot of things I feel I did wrong. I have to clean up some things, particularly in my run fakes. I need to do a lot better in that. I was horrible and that's unacceptable. The running backs should be mad at me right now because I just didn't do a great job of the ball fakes after the handoff. The screen play, I was kind of confused on the line downfield, so next time I'll throw that away. There's a couple other things that I know I can get better at and I will. It's definitely an experience some of the things I've learned through the games. Just get better at them and keep cleaning up and keep trying to do the best I can.

Q: This is one of the craziest road environments in the league. Do you feed off that kind of stuff, having everyone against you and the noise?

Pryor: It's nothing like college, but I've played in probably worse places. It's football. I'm with my guys. I'm with the 10 guys on the field and overall with my whole team when we step on the field together. I know we have each other's back and that's all we need.

Q: Are you comfortable with the communication in a road environment when it's loud and hostile?

Pryor: I'm sure Coach will get some speakers out here just to test it out. And that's another thing, going in this a pretty loud stadium as I remember from last year. We definitely have to communicate. Our communication has to be on point going in and I believe our communication is on point. We just have to go play ball.

Q: Are you comfortable checking in and out of plays at the line of scrimmage? Do they give you much freedom right now?

Pryor: Yeah, absolutely. I did it a couple times this past game from a run to a run just from the front. So I'm comfortable, very comfortable, in it.

Q: I'm sure you've always wanted to be a starting quarterback in this league. Do you feel like you're ever so close to it now?

Pryor: Like [beat writer] Jerry [McDonald] said about my one percent deal, every day I'm getting one percent better and I won't stop until I get to my goal. That's my goal is to be a starting quarterback and to lead a team to wins, wins, and wins. I won't stop until it happens. To answer your question, every day we'll see what happens and keeps on happening. I'll keep on pushing.

Q: Did you hear the crowd call for you Friday? Did that feel pretty good?

Pryor: Yeah, it was kind of a mixed emotion because I have my teammate, Matt Flynn, and obviously you want to be on the field and play, but you also have feelings for a guy that you're in the room with, you're in the meeting room with the guy 13-14 hours a day. I didn't think they went about it in the right way. I went in; they got what they wanted, but I thought there could have been a little better way, not booing him and stuff like that. So whenever you can, guys, try to keep that down because we're all on the Raiders and everybody is for each other. I believe that you have to be with each other through thick and thin and when problems happen, you can't boo a guy. We have to be better than that and Raider Nation will be better than that too, I believe.

Q: Do you feel yourself feeding off the crowd's energy though when you're in the game?

Pryor: I try to get the fans going. I don't really hear the fans. I try to get them going and let them get excited and get what they came for. That's all I do. I don't really listen. I can't really hear. Obviously, I can hear, but when I'm in the game and I'm zoned in, 'what's the protection call, what do I have to do, what's my read here?' I'm not really hearing or listening. The only time I heard them, was real loud, when I broke out off a tackle and threw it up for that jump pass. That's the only time I heard them just go bananas. But besides that, I just try to get the energy going.

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