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Q and A with Jacoby Ford


Q: What is it that you feel like you have got to first address to get back to making it feel like everything is second nature to you? Is it something specific? Footwork? What is it?

Jacoby Ford: The footwork definitely, and I definitely have to be able to transfer all the weight on my foot. I have to feel comfortable with that, but just catching the ball and just getting back into the groove of things and getting my feet back under me as much as possible and everything will just come second nature to me.

Q: How explosive can this offense be? What is [Greg] Olson bringing in that might give you a chance to open up the playbook?

Ford: He's giving us a lot of leeway. Right now since we are still installing, we are still kind of basic, but eventually he is going to give us a lot more freedom to play around with a few things with the quarterbacks, and they'll be able to do some things with us too. It will be real interesting to see, so I think everyone will like what they see.

Q: So you've had what, about nine different quarterbacks in your young career?

Ford: It almost feels like that, probably about four or five. Something like that, maybe like five. Each one is different. You've got to be able to go with either one that goes in the game. Matt [Flynn]'s doing a great job, he's definitely leading this team in the right direction.

Q: In what way? How do you feel so comfortable with him already?

Ford: I feel real comfortable. We had a whole offseason to work together before we even got up to OTAs. We were over there at Laney College, they let us use their facilities there, so we were definitely thankful for that. We were just starting to work on the connection there and started getting things down and timing down and it definitely played a big role in OTAs. You can actually see the progress actually being made.

Q: Specifically what is it about his game that led you walking away saying, "You know what, I'm buying into this?"

Ford: I mean, I knew he could play before he even got here, actually. I was kind of anxious to work with him, and he reached out to me whenever we first signed him and I really liked that. Whenever he did get here he was very anxious to work and we got to work right away. We called up the receivers and everybody was out here working. His leadership role is definitely there, you can see it on the field.

Q: How did you stay so patient and trust yourself and trust the process and stay willing to go through those down times?

Ford: I had to be mentally strong really. That was probably the biggest thing, trying not to feed into the outside stuff and the negativity that I did hear. I kind of had to brush it off. At the end of the day, I know what was really going on, so it was more like me just kind of feeding off of it. Coming back from it wasn't easy. I had my ups. I had my downs, but now I'm here and I'm back so I feel grateful and I'm happy.

Q: And hungry?

Ford: Most definitely.

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