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Quick Hits: Cooper and Walford Discuss Bonding With Carr


Wide Receiver Amari Cooper

Wide receiver Amari Cooper and tight end Clive Walford are enjoying their second training camp with the Raiders. Both players took time to speak with the media about their confidence and comfort within offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave's system.

Here are the quick hits from their time at the podium:

Wide Receiver Amari Cooper:

Cooper expressed his feelings about rooming with quarterback Derek Carr and how it benefits their relationship.

"Just getting to know each other more, that's always a good thing. We get to talk more, so I guess that's basically the biggest thing. We talk about each other as a person, and we talk about the plays that we run."

Entering his second camp, Cooper feels comfortable with the expectations and noted that this camp feels a little different.

"Yeah it feels a lot different. I know the expectation, I know the players I'm going against better and I feel more comfortable. I feel like I'm more experienced and I feel like I know what to do out there."

The additions of safeties Reggie Nelson and Karl Joseph in the secondary present a good challenge for Cooper during practice.

"Yeah, they are a very smart group. That's the biggest thing I've seen from them and they just know a lot. A lot of times they are onto the routes that we may think we are going to be open a lot, so that's a good thing."

Tight End Clive Walford:

The chemistry with Carr is something Walford cares about developing more in his second year.

"Just building chemistry with him. It was a great thing that I had the opportunity to play with him last year. During the offseason, when the coaches and some of the training staff allowed me to, I went out with him and caught some balls. So, I think the chemistry is still there, I just have to get back into football shape."

With some expectations attached to him, Walford is focused on continuing to work hard and developing his game.

"I just continue to do what I've been doing, working hard ever since I was at Miami. If you work hard, it'll start to show. I guess that's what it's doing."

Walford plans on taking advantage of his match-ups, because wide receivers Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree demand extra attention.

"I do think so, because with those two great receivers that we have, they're going to draw a lot of attention. So, you can't double team one or the other, so that leaves a lot of one-on-one matchups."

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