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Quick Hits: Derek Carr is Prepared to Lead


Quarterback Derek Carr

Entering his third season in the NFL, quarterback Derek Carr is ready to help take the Silver and Black to the next level. The team began its first day of training camp today and Carr was excited to be back on the field. After progressing over the last two seasons, Carr conveyed what he needs to do to take the next step.

Here are a few excerpts from his time at the podium:

As a leader Carr is ready to help the team live up to the outside hype.

"Yeah, you know, I've been asked that, obviously, a lot of times this offseason and it's a true story, but we were 0-10 at one point and I still thought we were going to win the Super Bowl. Someone had to tell me, 'No, you're mathematically eliminated. You're not going to the playoffs.' It doesn't matter to me. I am the hardest person on me at all times… I want it to be perfect, man. So I put so much pressure on myself that I don't get caught up in, 'Oh we expect this or expect that.' I already expect greatness and perfection."

Carr was a part of the pre-camp workouts, and talked about why it was important to be in attendance early.

"A lot goes into it, but it's always important to me to get here early. Especially, I think, in my head I need to train as if I'm that rookie still competing for that starting job even though they told me, 'Oh, you'll play down the road.' I still want that same mindset. That same chip on my shoulder. That's still that second-round thing. That still bugs me. I still let those little things... It's not what drives me, it's not what I play for, but it's little things that motivate me to want to be better all the time."

The Raider's stout defense allows Carr to practice against the best and test his skills.

"They're so talented and so long that the windows are even shorter, even smaller…. It's going to push our receivers to run a better route, it's going to push me to try and make a more accurate ball and try to throw it earlier, trying whatever we can. It's nothing but a good thing to go against those guys because they're so talented and they're really good and talented at hiding their coverages."

Carr emphasized the importance of having a good relationship with wide receiver Amari Cooper.

"We're having a good time, man. It's good to come back and just talk ball with him. He tells me his goals, I share my stuff with him and we're able to… I know how he thinks. I know how he likes to go about his business. I know what he likes to do off the field. Him and I should have the best relationship ever. Same thing with all of my receivers and all my teammates, really. The fact that we're roommates only helps because we get to see each other away from football, away from the coaches. It's been awesome."

As a quarterback, Carr is looking to make strides in his development and keep perfecting his craft.

"I have to be more efficient and that's so finite and I can pick it apart in just eight different columns… We have the meat and potatoes of it down. Now, all the extra stuff, all the sides and all that stuff. It's the little things that I'm trying to figure out and do those things and really work on in training camp."

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