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Quick Hits: Derek Carr, the Raiders brought 'a gameday mentality' into joint practice with the Los Angeles Rams

The chemistry between Derek Carr and his receivers was really shining in Southern California.

The quarterback made some good throws to Hunter Renfrow, Darren Waller, Zay Jones and Henry Ruggs III, to name a few, during the Raiders' joint practice with the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams defense has two returning All-Pro players in Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey, who made their presence felt throughout the practice. Nevertheless, the offense was still able to put together a strong showing against a stingy defense. Carr was vocal after practice of how much he enjoyed the chance of competing at a high level against LA.

Here are some of Carr's best soundbites from Wednesday's media availability following practice.

On the preparation that went into their practice with the Rams:

"[Head Coach Jon Gruden] wanted us to treat it like a game. So, our mindset last night, getting to bed early and even going in to waking up this morning, just treating it like a gameday mentality because we didn't watch any film on these guys. So you kind of guess, well I think they run these fronts. We kind of talked about it a little bit but you don't know, and so really just getting new blitzes, new coverages, new looks and just really playing football and seeing what happens when we see our rules."

On the confidence that comes with making plays on the Rams' top-ranked defense:

"To say that I don't expect it or anything, that would be wrong. We expect to hit those plays. I'm actually still mad; there was a 7-on-7 rep, it should have been a perfect day for Hunter, but we misconnected on one in the back right corner of the end zone. But we fully expect to make those plays and knowing that it's not going to happen every time. I think they were the best defense in the NFL last year, or if not one of, and we understand that they are going to have their plays but for us to be able to show that our plays and our designs and our guys could win against the best gives us confidence obviously going forward, knowing that they'll make some too. But whenever you can make a few on a defense like that, you feel good about it going forward."

On how the Raiders' defense played against Matthew Stafford, Rams offense:

"To hear that our defense was making plays against those guys, that's exciting. Stafford rolled into Napa one year and was throwing laser beams everywhere and it's a little disheartening, so it's good to hear that our guys were able to make a couple plays."

On what he believes makes Hunter Renfrow a great receiver:

"He doesn't get enough credit for how straight-line fast he is. I don't think his 40-time, I don't know what it was but whatever it was doesn't do it justice. He's fast. He can run. And just as fast as he can go that way, he can go this way. And there is a lot of guys that can straight-line track speed, but Hunter, the thing that makes him different, not only that side-to-side speed, is that he sees the coverages and he knows what route he's running obviously, and he sees the coverage. He knows how it's set up; he knows exactly what I want him to do, and he literally does it every single time."

On Renfrow going up against All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey:

"Jalen is one of, if not the best, corner in the NFL. So, I think that gives a lot of confidence in Hunter. It gives me confidence to know that he can beat good corners. Jalen obviously is, again I've played against him a couple times and he is sticky. I mean tight windows; guys have to separate, and Hunter did a good job against him. He did, in the slot.

The Las Vegas Raiders hit the field at California Lutheran University for the first of two joint practices with the Los Angeles Rams.

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