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Quick Hits: OC Bill Musgrave Pleased With Running Backs


Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave

Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave took the podium today and talked about the progress with the front line, along with wide receiver Amari Cooper's relationship with quarterback Derek Carr. The offense has been under Musgrave's leadership for a year now, and in Year 2 they're looking to continue their development.

Here are the main points from his presser:

Musgrave shared how Cooper and Carr's relationship is being strengthened by their time off the field.

"I think all that interaction helps their rapport. They talk football, they talk life and it's a good thing. Back in the day Steve Young and Brent Jones were roommates for years the night before the game. It's just good, as those two young players grow together, to be more productive."

The running backs as a whole are making solid contributions.

:"Well we've seen good things from DeAndré [Washington], also from Jalen [Richard]. George [Atkinson III] had a good day today, made some real good discussions in our 9-on-7 run game period. Marcel [Reece] of course is there. Taiwan [Jones] brings a lot to the table. 'Maize' [Jamize Olawale], just the whole running back room is a real positive group. They work hard. I feel like they get better each and every day."

Musgrave talked about the addition of guard Kelechi Osemele and the progress of the offensive line.

"Good, but we're not there yet. I think everyone would admit that it's a work in progress, but we're just two days in here. We had our OTAs, which were 15 good days, but K.O. is playing his natural position. Gabe's having to move to the right. So Gabe has some learning curve, but he's really travel along that curve very quickly."

Musgrave is anxious to see the competition at right tackle once the pads come on.

"It'll be good once that pads come on to be able evaluate that even more. We have a competitive group when you talk about the right tackle. Both guys have played in the NFL at a high level with Menelik [Watson] and Austin [Howard]. We're glad to have both. The whole unit is going to be a strong unit, one of our strengths of the whole team."

Players appear to be much more comfortable within Musgrave's system the second-time around.

"Fewer unknowns, definitely. Fewer unknowns for the players, the coaches, the staff. We can definitely focus on football more rather than just being in the right place at the right time and trying to memorize the schedule. It's an advantage to have that continuity. It's a terrific place, as we know, to practice football and just get ready for a long season. The energy is high, we're glad to be here."

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