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'This is legendary': Raiders journey into the past during Pro Football Hall of Fame tour


While the Las Vegas Raiders were taking their tour of the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Wednesday, Maxx Crosby soaked in every moment.

The All-Pro edge rusher slowly walked by the Hall of Fame busts, looking at the faces of the legends that came before him. He took even more time looking at the busts of the all-time greats who played his position: Deacon Jones, Jack Youngblood, Bruce Smith and Howie Long, to name a few.

"This is legendary, that's all I can say," said Crosby, in an almost speechless manner. "It's inspiring the say the least. It's such a select group and once you really look at the numbers of it – only 38 D-linemen ever – it's the elite of the elite. It gives me more inspiration."

The Silver and Black had the opportunity to tour the Pro Football Hall of Fame the day before they play in the annual exhibition opener in Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. The game will be "surreal" for Head Coach Josh McDaniels, who played every game of his high school career in the same stadium, formerly named Fawcett Stadium.

During the tour, McDaniels played tour guide himself to his wife and their four children. The coach earlier this week said he was just as excited to tour the Hall with his team as he was to coach the game – and it showed throughout the day.

"They're in this fraternity and it's a special place," McDaniels said earlier this week. "I've been through it, I can't tell you how many times, and each time I go through it, I see something different or new or they've added to it. There's such an element of history and tradition. You just get excited because it's such an important part of our game. To be able to represent the league and our team, going there, playing with Richard [Seymour] and Cliff [Branch] going in, it's just an exciting opportunity for us."

Derek Carr also had a unique experience during the tour. The quarterback was delighted to pass by a game-worn jersey of his older brother David, who was the No. 1 pick of the 2002 NFL Draft. Additionally, the Pro Football Hall of Fame pulled out Derek's 2014 draft card, with the QB remembering the moment announced by Raider legend and Hall of Fame cornerback Willie Brown.

"I think it's awesome seeing the history of our game," said Carr. "We get to see all the people that made the Hall of Fame and I think it's great. The Raiders – we're one of the teams with the most people in the Hall of Fame, and that's awesome. And hopefully, someday, we'll add to it and keep the legacies going. I think it's an amazing thing, especially for the young guys, to learn the history."

The Raiders won't have to wait too much longer to add to their Hall of Fame legacy in Canton, as Cliff Branch and Richard Seymour will be enshrined this Saturday, August 6.

The Las Vegas Raiders toured the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium a day before their first preseason game in Canton, Ohio.

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