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What They're Saying: Bears brace for the 'havoc' Maxx Crosby can cause

The Raiders are set for a matchup with the Chicago Bears this Sunday. Take a look at what the coaches and players had to say about the Week 7 matchup.

On WR Davante Adams

"I think [there haven't] been too many people that have competed against him the way that I have throughout the previous years. So I definitely think that there is, not even think, I know there's mutual respect there. Just always loved his game, especially coming out of college, he was somebody that I asked for and I ended up getting when he was in Green Bay. I definitely love his game, love the way he goes about his business and definitely have a lot of respect for him." - Chicago Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson

"Any time Davante is on the field, we expect a heavy dose of him. He's one of those top receivers in the NFL and he's been that. He's a great athlete, great competitor. He's a great technician. He's got a really good ability to make guys miss off the line to get open down the field. He's got really good start and stop for his size. Great hand strength, ability to stay open. He's a guy that you have to work on during the week and deal with during the game." - Chicago Bears Head Coach Matt Eberflus

"Everybody's trying to find a way to slow this guy down. He's been a really, really good, impactful player for a while. You definitely have to have a heightened awareness of where he is. ... It's going to take a village to stop that guy." - Chicago Bears safeties coach Andre Curtis

On DE Maxx Crosby

"He's the big guy that obviously has a lot of havoc to the offense. He's an All-Pro player, continues to play that way. That's the big thing, so we've got to have a plan for him." - Chicago Bears Head Coach Matt Eberflus

On TE Michael Mayer:

"He's a good player. You see progress within him. He does a little of everything too. He's a good blocker. He's feisty. He's good in and out of his routes. They do a nice job trying to do pylon throws to him in the red zone. I see his role increasing in the offense because he's starting to produce even more for them." - Chicago Bears safeties coach Andre Curtis

On QB Jimmy Garoppolo:

"Jimmy G's been a very efficient guy. I've seen my fair share of him. ... The thing that he really does well is he's very decisive. He gets the ball out on time, in a rhythm. If you don't disrupt that, he can rack up the completions." - Chicago Bears safeties coach Andre Curtis

On QB Brian Hoyer:

"Hoyer's had a lot of ball. He's seen a lot of coverages. He's seen everything. He's been in a lot of meetings with Josh [McDaniels] so he has a lot of familiarity there. He has a good feeling for that offense." - Chicago Bears Head Coach Matt Eberflus

On RB Josh Jacobs

"I'll tell you what, he's still running really hard. He does a good job of getting his shoulders square, attacking the gaps, pressing the line of scrimmage. He's got good vision to cut back. What's been impressive about him is not only his rushing yards but all of the receiving yards that he has. He's catching the ball out of the backfield at a higher rate than he did last year. So, he's still affecting defenses but he's doing it in a different way and he's catching the ball. His run after catch and space is pretty tough when he starts to get the ball and gets speed going against the defensive backs." - Chicago Bears safeties coach Andre Curtis

As the Raiders prepare for their Week 7 matchup at Soldier Field, take a look back at past matchups between the Silver and Black and the Chicago Bears.

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