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What They're Saying: Giants game-planning for a 'great challenge' in rookie QB Aidan O'Connell 

The Silver and Black are back in action for a Week 9 matchup against the New York Giants. Take a look at what the Giants coaches and players had to say leading up to the game.

On Interim Head Coach Antonio Pierce:

"He's considered one of the best leaders to don a New York Giants uniform. I didn't get to play with him, I just got to meet him in passing kind of when I was first drafted here but just hearing the stories of what type of man he is, the Raiders, they found a great guy to lead that team. There's a reason they promoted the linebacker coach." - Giants OL Justin Pugh

On the Week 9 matchup:

"Conveniently, they're being coached by a guy who used to play here. What better start for him to beat us. So, I'm sure they're going to come out here there with a lot of energy and be ready to play and ready to go and at the end of the day they're a good football team. So, we got to be at our best." - Giants WR Darius Slayton

"We expect a high energy team. Obviously they're going to have a new head coach in there. So, their energy level is going to be boosted. They're going to be hungry to get a win, so, we got to go in there and match their intensity." - Giants S Xavier McKinney

On QB Aidan O'Connell:

"I thought he played well in the preseason. I think he throws on time; he's got good pocket presence. He's accurate, he's thrown the three-step game, they moved him a little bit in the preseason. He throws good overs; he can throw the deep ball. Again, he's a young player. It was a close game; they were down 24-7 against the Chargers and they they had a chance to tie it there at the end and threw the interception to [Chargers cornerback Asante] Samuel [Jr.] there on the right-hand side, but again he's a young quarterback. We'll watch him on the tape, which again those three preseasons games that I talked about, the fourth quarter of the Chicago game, which he threw it every play, they were down 30-7 I think it was. And then, the Chargers game, so that's the body of work you go off of." - Giants Head Coach Brian Daboll

"It's going to be a great challenge for us because the kid has talent. We know he's going to get the ball to 17 [Davante Adams] and we know he's going to hand the ball off to No. 8 [Josh Jacobs]. Jakobi [Meyers] does a nice job for them as well out there, and you can't just fall asleep on the other guys. They have talent obviously." - Giants defensive coordinator Wink Martindale

On WR Davante Adams:

"He's one of the greatest receivers that we have in the game today. He'll probably go down as a Hall of Famer. He's crafty, he's got a great catch radius, he can run, his routes are ridiculous. He's pretty much the whole package as a receiver that you want." - Giants S Xavier McKinney

"Well I've said this before: he's one of the top two receivers in the league and he's not number two. I think that guy, you can have three people on him and he'll still come up with a catch. He's a competitor and I think it's going to be a great challenge for us this weekend." - Giants defensive coordinator Wink Martindale

On DE Maxx Crosby:

"He's a freak athlete. The thing that sticks out to him the most to me is his motor. He plays to the echo of the whistle, he's the definition of playing to the echo of the whistle. It's definitely going to be a great challenge but it's challenge that I'm up for. It's a challenge that the rest of the offensive line is up for so I'm excited for it." - Giants OT Evan Neal

"He's out of his mind. We played him last year. ... I was playing left guard at the time and all of a sudden the play would end and he'd be all the way on the other side of the field. I'm like, 'Where are you coming from?' He is just relentless with his effort. He's going to make plays, he's a great player. There's a reason he is where he is. Got to keep throwing bodies at him, getting after him, match his intensity and never let that down." - Giants OL Justin Pugh

On defensive coordinator Patrick Graham:

"I like him as a coach and a person. I've known him for a good amount. He does a good job. They don't give up a lot of big plays. He's got good football knowledge, smart guy, good friend." - Giants Head Coach Brian Daboll

As the Raiders prepare for their Week 9 matchup at Allegiant Stadium, take a look back at past matchups between the Silver and Black and the New York Giants.

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