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'It's definitely a top memory': Chandler Jones seals the game with a fumble recovery for a touchdown

As Chandler Jones sat at his locker postgame trying to collect his thoughts, his teammate Kyle Peko approached the edge rusher with a cell phone in hand.

In a small huddle consisting of Jones, Peko and Bilal Nichols, the three defensive lineman watched the highlight of the last play of the 30-24 win against the Patriots. It was the first thing on Peko's Twitter feed.

As Jones stared at Peko's phone, watching his game-winning fumble recovery turn into a touchdown, he was still trying to process his emotions.

"Oh my God" and "Did that just happen?" are the only things Jones could muster up to say, watching the play back for the first time. He was still roughly 35 minutes removed from catching a lateral pitch from Patriots receiver Jakobi Meyers with the game tied at 24 and no time left in regulation.

"It was a desperado situation. I knew there was zero time left once the ball was in the air," Jones recalled. "I knew they were going to try and push the ball back to make a play. I saw Jakobi spotting up to go back across the field and once I saw him spotting up, I kind of looked back to see who was around me. And Mac Jones was right there, not really calling for the ball but by himself.

"I jumped up and grabbed the ball. When I caught it, Mac Jones was there, looking at me. I just stiff-armed him and ran to the end zone."

Jones' reaction to watching the play back resembled the feelings of his coaches, teammates and fans watching the game both in Allegiant Stadium and on television. The locker room, while in a joyous mood, had an overwhelming feeling of astonishment regarding the fashion of the final play.

"Once Rhamondre [Stevenson] pitched the ball to Jakobi, I figured we'd probably just tackle whoever had it, that would be it and we'd go to overtime," Head Coach Josh McDaniels said. "When I saw the ball up in the air and I saw Chandler underneath it, I'm thinking, 'Oh my God, we might have a chance at this.' When he caught it, I saw Mac [Jones] was back there and just hoping that he could avoid whatever effort that Mac had to tackle him, and then hopefully have enough juice left in his body to get to the end zone."

"Sometimes it's not pretty, but it's not about style points," McDaniels added. "It's about the result. Very proud of the effort and the result today."

Maxx Crosby was on the other side of Jones as the play occurred, in close reach of Meyers when he pitched the ball. The Condor stopped in his tracks, looking back toward his teammate. When asked what he remembers from the moment, all Crosby could do was let out a big laugh. He, like his teammates, still hadn't fully processed what he just witnessed.

"Honestly, we weren't expecting that," said Crosby. "We knew it was the last play of the game, so in my head I was thinking, 'Maybe they'll just try to launch it up in the end zone and then we'll go to overtime.' But they reversed field and Chan made a play. I couldn't believe it. It's incredible.

"That's football right there. You trust the process, you keep working and good things are going to happen."

While still at a loss for words, Jones can enjoy his touchdown and the dramatic win for what it's worth. Another play that adds to the legacy of Chandler Jones, who's already accomplished so much in his 11-year career.

And it couldn't have come against better opponent: the team that drafted him in 2012.

"It's definitely a top moment. It's definitely a top memory," Jones said. "I've scored a touchdown before, but to win the game? What?"

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