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Q&A with Zamir White on being drafted, winning a national championship and his love for horseback riding

Running back Zamir White was the 10th Georgia Bulldog to be taken off the board in the 2022 NFL Draft. The Raiders traded up to the 122nd pick to select the reigning national champion, who ran for 11 touchdowns and over 800 yards last season.

The Raiders' fourth-round draft pick was in Miami, Florida, with his family and friends when he learned of his selection. He dedicated a few minutes to to talk about how he got the nickname "Zeus" and his epic experience of playing at Georgia.

Levi Edwards: Coming out of Scotland High School in North Carolina, what made you decide to go to the University of Georgia?

Zamir White: First off, my mother. She loved the place. And then the coaches, the fanbase, the game experience. My heart led me there. And to be a part of their generations of running backs with Nick Chubb and Todd Gurley and Sony Michel – I wanted to be a part of that. It's that simple.

LE: Speaking about that running back tradition, what was it like to have those guys around you in the program – including James Cook who was drafted with you as well?

ZW: It was great. Inside that room, we're all family and there's no hate. You just learn from them and keep going, that's how it was.

LE: Something that makes you a great player is not just your speed, but your strength. How much time you spend in the weight room?

ZW: Listen man, the weight room is my favorite place to be, probably. All I do is lift weights, run and ride horses.

LE: How did you get into horseback riding?

ZW: I've been into it my whole life. I started riding when I was 4-5 years old. Growing up, my grandpa had horses, and we still have them. But growing up, my grandfather had horses and we used to ride them all the time.

LE: So you're telling me you just like to chill out in the country of North Carolina and ride horses?

ZW: Deep country, out in Laurinburg, North Carolina.

LE: So is that how you got the nickname 'Zeus'? From riding horses and being athletic?

ZW: Yeah man, just from being strong, fast and powerful. They came up with the nickname for me.

LE: Coming off a National Championship victory at Georgia, can you describe the adversity that came through the journey of reaching the mountaintop of college football?

ZW: The first loss against Alabama [in the SEC Championship] was crazy. We were all down, but we knew we were a lot better than how we played. So we just locked in the next game [Orange Bowl], and kept playing and kept going. We just moved on and kept balling. The coaches and us were just fighting for it

LE: Lastly, how excited are you to become a Las Vegas Raider?

ZW: It means the world to me. My visit went great there, the staff there is amazing. They're great and I'm just happy to be a Raider!

With the 122th overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Las Vegas Raiders select running back Zamir White.

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