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What They're Saying: Chargers comment on facing a 'sharp' Derek Carr on Monday Night Football


Notable quotes from the Los Angeles Chargers' coaches and players about the Las Vegas Raiders ahead of the Week 4 matchup.

On the Raiders as a whole:

"What they've done is they've really built a complete football team and I think that their record is reflective of that because they've beaten three quality opponents to start the season. Those are three real NFL victories beating Baltimore, Miami and Pittsburgh." – Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley

On quarterback Derek Carr:

"He's operating at an extremely high level. You can see that he truly is an extension of the head coach and the way that they're able to operate. A lot of it is because of how sharp Derek is. They've really surrounded him with a complete offense." – Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley

"He's just been poised. Obviously, another year in that system, I think the comfort level is there. You can tell he has complete control of it. He's making it happen. He's the quarterback, he's directing everybody where they need to go and the guys have a comfort level for him." – Chargers defensive coordinator Renaldo Hill

On running back Josh Jacobs:

"I've got a lot of respect for this runner. I had a lot of respect for him at Bama. I know a lot of those coaches at Bama and they produce so many good backs there. This guy is as good on contact as anybody. This guy's a really good contact runner. He's got really good balance and body control. He packs a punch on contact, he's got a really good low center of gravity, he can see. This guy can catch the football out of the backfield and he's a willing pass protector." – Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley

On wide receiver Bryan Edwards:

"He's picking up and he's rolling. He's an explosive guy. He can stretch the field, he's big body." – Chargers defensive coordinator Renaldo Hill

On kicker Daniel Carlson:

"Their kicker's as good as any in pro football. Carlson has had an outstanding season. … He's a really, really quality kicker in this league." – Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley

On Raiders defense:

"They're very talented. They've got some speed guys on the edge, they've got powerful strength, big dudes in the middle. They play hard, they play fast." – Chargers center Corey Linsley

"Big, strong nose guard that you're going to have to battle in the run game. Two edge rushers – really three, because [Carl] Nassib's always been a guy that's been effective against us, at least when I was in New Orleans. Their three ends are all guys that you have to pay attention to from a pass blocking perspective." – Chargers offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi

"They're playing really good football. They're really well coached. They're really solid in their assignments and they've got some pretty athletic guys. They're tough." – Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert

On cornerback Casey Hayward Jr.:

"We've been with each other for four or five years. Great guy, great teammate, great competitor." – Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen

"Casey has always been a tough guy to go against, even in camp last year when I got to go against him. Really good in man coverage and zone coverage as well. He's been stepping up and making some big plays and I'm not surprised at all by that. He's always been a super smart, intelligent guy who's really athletic too." – Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert

On safety Johnathan Abram:

"Very talented, down near the ball a lot. Just a guy that's physical, supports the run. He's athletic." – Chargers offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi

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