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Kicker Giorgio Tavecchio: "For Me It's About The Team"


Kicker Giorgio Tavecchio

Oakland Raiders kicker Giorgio Tavecchio has had quite the journey to the NFL. Sunday, Tavecchio finally got his shot on the big stage, and he didn't shy away from the moment. Wednesday afternoon, he was met with the masses and spoke with the media once again about his big day.

Here are the quick hits from his presser:

Tavecchio expressed what it's meant to him to have an outpouring of support after Sunday.

"I've had a ton of support. Just an out pouring of support from the community. Again, for me, as much of a personal journey as it is, I'd like to share it with as many people as possible. Especially those that have been with me every step of the way. A lot of those people live in this area. Campolindo High School, the Cal community, and to be able to see how happy they are for me, not just as a kicker in the professional light of this experience, but as a person, it means a lot to me."

He opened up about what it meant to be named the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week.

"Very special, but as I said after the game, for me it's about the team. Usually when an individual gets recognized, it's because the team did something special. For me, I rely so much on my teammates both to block for me or else things would go pretty poorly and to kind of hold me up when you're going through the tough times."

The former University of California Berkeley Golden Bear talked about how he stayed productive in the offseason.

"Trying to be responsible with an adult life. (laughing) I've always worked part time. I worked a little bit in real estate, was a tutor for a while, helped out with the Cal kickers. I was living in New York this past offseason on the Upper West of Manhattan working for a tech company. You try not to shirk your real world responsibilities while you chase this very elusive and wild and crazy dream."

Tavecchio discussed his mindset heading into Week 1, and how he sought advice prior to the game.

"It's been a challenge definitely because in my mind you go out on the field, you do your job and there's a subtle joy to it. I've talked to older kickers and they say you just have to stay even-keeled. Maybe my personality isn't necessarily cut from that cloth, but in this case I'm very pleased with how the game went. My mind was already thinking, how do I approach the next game like a pro."

He shared what the bond between him and Special Teams Coordinator Brad Seely is like.

"He's been a wonderful mentor, kind of a role model as well. I think he's become attached to me and I've become very attached to him in that I use him as a resource. When I'm experiencing things. When I have some things I want to work on from a technical standpoint. When I'm curious about different situations and how they play out, how I should approach them. I'm very comfortable going to him."

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