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Quick Hits: Raiders aim to get quality out of 'every ounce of work' during minicamp

Before mandatory minicamp got underway Tuesday for the Silver and Black, Head Coach Josh McDaniels met with the media to discuss everything from roster depth to positions to team culture.

Reach through for some of the top quotes from Coach's media availability.

On differences between OTAs and minicamp:

"If you ask me the biggest difference between minicamp and OTAs now, you're allotted a little bit more time on the field. We're not taking a lot more than what we've been doing, but the biggest thing for us is we'll be able to correct the film today. That's the biggest change. OTAs is a little bit of a challenge in that regard, because I'd say most of the days of the year, you're actually going through the workday and whatever you're doing, then you watch that film afterward correct it and try to move on and have a clean slate the next day. OTAs isn't always that way because of the time limits that we have. So, that's a good thing for everybody so that we can start hopefully fresh tomorrow and just start on the new material, whatever it is, and get going."

On the change in practice for players in year 2 of McDaniels' system:

"I think the guys - coaches and players - I think we all kind of know how we want to practice and work. We know the value of trying to get every ounce of work done that were allotted in terms of the time limits that we have. The guys do a great job of moving them from drill to drill. The players have really done a nice job of getting the drill set up so we can go ahead and start the repetitions and try to get better. Your second year, your second go around, you kind of know more, understand more, and then there's a lot more players now that can help other players because they've lived through it for a year, year and a half."

On the offensive line:

"I think they know more as a group. If you talk to them, a lot of the guys are returning, so they have an ability – we talked about this last week – improvement doesn't necessarily come through acquisition. Our jobs as coaches are to improve the players each day. So, I think as a unit, as a group, those guys their communication has improved. Their overall understanding of what's being asked of them has improved. They work like crazy, so we couldn't ask anything more than what we're getting from them in that regard."

On continuing to build the culture of the team:

"We've made some changes that we hope would be for the better. We've also tried to be accountable to our responsibility and role in that. And I think being honest with the players and having great lines of communication with them is always the right thing to do. Tell them the truth. Encourage them. We have a great working environment, positive attitude, and great leadership on our team. And so, we've just tried to feed into that and we're working really hard. We got a long way to go. Nothing's been accomplished yet, but I think the right things are at least being attempted at this point in time of the year."

On each player having a chance to make the roster, regardless of being drafted or undrafted:

"First of all, there's no way to put your roster together and have 80 first, second and third-round draft picks. So, your team is going to consist of a lot of different players that got to your roster in a lot of different ways. We tell them from the beginning, 'We're all Raiders now. This is 2023, we're all Raiders, it doesn't really matter how you got here. What matters is what you do once you're here.'"

On learning from the 2022 season:

"Our game is, I would say, evolving every year, so if you don't evolve with it, sometimes you can just get run over. If you just stay stagnant and stay committed to something that may have worked seven, 10, 12 years ago, it might not necessarily be the best thing to do anymore. I think there's certain techniques and fundamentals that will always be important and probably will always remain the same, but I know that our staff, we challenged ourselves in the spring when the players were away to really just go back and look at the things we did, the way we taught it, the pace that we implemented it at, the drills we were doing to try to get the things we wanted them to learn to stick. And I think the staff deserves the credit for that. They've done a good job of really trying to identify the right pace we should go at, the right volume that we should put in and then the right ways to go about teaching those things."

The Las Vegas Raiders hosted an alumni dinner where current players and coaches were able to meet and build relationships with alumni and learn what it means to be a Raider.

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