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Quick Hits: Raiders strive to find more consistency moving forward 

After the Las Vegas Raiders' loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Head Coach Josh McDaniels reflected on the game when he met with local media on Monday morning. McDaniels said that QB Jimmy Garoppolo has been placed in concussion protocol, and discussed what the team did well plus the importance of being more consistent.

Read through for top quotes for the head coach's press conference.

On how to improve the run game going forward:

"I think it just starts with us being able to put a body on a body. There was a number of them in the second half where we did that, and bam we were seven or eight yards a carry on those plays. That's where it always starts, in pass protection and in the running game. If you get a hat on them, then you usually have a chance to get the runner started. But I would say through three games, everybody's taken a turn at maybe not necessarily being as precise or perfect with their job. It's going to be details, it's going to be work, it's going to be a team thing. Running the ball is never one guy's job, it's going to be the job of everyone at the point of attack and then across the board our receivers got to block. No shortcut to it. We got to put in more work, more time. There was evidence of it being done well yesterday at times, but just not enough, not consistent enough."

On QB Jimmy Garoppolo:

"I think there are certain times in every game where a quarterback doesn't have what he wants to have available on a certain play, and each quarterback in the league goes through this every Sunday. You have to make those split-second decisions to either put the ball into the ground, or put it out of bounds, or sometimes take a sack, sometimes scramble, whatever it might be. We can't put trying to make a play above doing the right thing at times, and there's a fine line. He scrambled a few times yesterday and made some plays and kept some plays alive. Then there were some other times where you just have to make a good decision, but that's playing quarterback in the NFL and he's done it well before."

On the decision to kick a field goal during the Raiders' last possession:

"I think it's fair to be critical of it. I'm not saying I would do it differently, but I understand both sides and that's what I was going through in my mind too, is trying to evaluate both scenarios. Again, you can say I was wrong. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that it was 100 percent an easy decision. I did feel like with the timeouts and the time, the two-minute warning, that we had enough opportunity to stop them and go ahead and get the ball back and put ourselves in position to win the game. So, that was my thought process."

On the defense's performance:

"We blitzed a bunch yesterday as you saw. I thought we had a number of guys punching at the ball and attempting to strip the ball. I thought we had a chance to get our hands on one or two yesterday. I think we're making efforts to do all those things; I know our guys are. I'm seeing them on the field do it. I think we got to keep at it. Sometimes they come in waves and we're just waiting for our wave. But we got to make it happen, we got to go make plays, make disruptive plays, create situations where people are under pressure or duress to try to force them to get loose with the ball or throw it to us. I thought we had a number of opportunities yesterday, got our hands on some footballs. We're just going to need to get some of them to turn our way."

On CB Jakorian Bennett:

"He comes in and prepares really hard every day. He's doing a really good job of getting into a routine with his body and making sure he's ready to go every day physically, along with mentally. I think he's really been trying to soak in some of the education from guys like Marcus Peters and [Marcus] Epps and those guys that have played a lot of football and understand what it takes. JB has been up to the challenge. He's learning in every game. There's gonna be some really good plays and then there's gonna be some things he'll learn from relative to mistakes. But I trust his process, I trust his maturity and I trust his desire to improve and get better as we go through the course of the season."

On DT John Jenkins and DT Adam Butler:

"[Jenkins] played really well. He's a pro's pro, works his butt off in practice, does it with the right technique, understands his role and his job, difficult to block in there. He's a big guy but he plays with the right attitude, technique and mindset. Adam same thing, he's younger but very much a pro. Understands his role and does a lot of the dirty work trying to be disruptive to help others being disruptive, if you will."

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